Where can I buy a stand like this?


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Hi folks, have been trying for ages to find a stand for my TV and 6 av components but have been having trouble due to several oversized and heavy components.

TV weight 55Kg width 148.5cm
h10xw43xd30cm x3 components 5-10 Kg each
h18xw43xd50cm 20Kg
h20xw43xd55cm 24Kg
h24xw43xd55cm 25Kg

As you can see the depths and weights rule out most stands. The only ones I have found being a Quadraspire QAVX and a Futureglass Gem Cinema (custom 3 wide). On top of that if as I hope to do I add a new 50 cm wide 21 cm high centre speaker, both the Quadraspire and Futureglass don't have the width and I would like to keep the overall height of the rack down to about 50cm, and with a continuous shelf design to get 24cm on the bottom shelf and 21cm, most wind up in the 60s or 70s with feet clearences etc

BDI have some things that are almost perfect but all fail on depth.

Having so much trouble actually considering building my own or getting a custom maker to do it. Something like this would be ideal:

Any suuggestions appreaciated.


  • TV Stand Basic with dimensions and weights.jpg
    TV Stand Basic with dimensions and weights.jpg
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