Where can I buy a good starter kit online?


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Hi guys!

So let's go straight to the point. I want to buy a proper starter kit online at a decent price. I'm not afraid to spend more money than normal, as long as I get a device that will allow me to get started the right way.

Let me know what website is your favorite, and if they ship to the UK.

Thanks a lot in advance!


My go-to website and physical store is www.vaping101.co.uk

What sorta thing are you after? If you're coming straight of the smokes I'd probably recommend a pod system and nic salts.


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I started with a pen for £12 to get used to it, then moved to a smok pen and now have a mod. I tried my husbands mod which was a lot smoother than mine but I couldn't get on with it. I have little hands so have a small mod. I've just helped someone out with there's and low wattage on mine was too strong for him. Personally upgrading when ready helped me as it made me come off the fags straight away and I didn't cough at all. Rejuiced.com offer cheap juices and my coils last about 8 weeks off constant use.

Unfortunately each mod or pen is down to each requirements!
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