Where can I buy a Denon 1920 ???


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Being a discontinued item (1930 pending) this is getting harder to locate. Richer Sounds website states they have10 in stock at £199.95 between 7 stores. Good luck.


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Thanks hornz but I tried Richer sounds, they say Middlesbrough is the only place with any but I'm from Swansea!!!!

Oxford has 2 but they are reserved and Bristol etc have all gone too. Am gutted. What else could I get instead for the 1920 for about £250 and just as good.

I really can't afford more than £250 as I just bought a house !!! Might have to just get the samsung 1950 for £100 but I hear its ok and not very good like the denon :(


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I've had a look on the web and it does seem to be hard to get, especially now thats its discontinued. I had been thinking of getting one myself!

Why not wait until the 1930 comes out?


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New amp as well; sounds like a really nice setup. You should post some pics in the members gallery :-]

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