Where can i buy a "Cable Tidy" On-line


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Hi All,

Bought one of these from Ikea 6 months, its basically a 3 meter plastic tube which allows me to put cables into it and then run that along my floor board instead of having 4 cables going across the floor. - i would call something like this a Cable Tidy, i have looked on the b&q website and serached on Google but im not doing very well.

Just wondered if there was a place on-line that sold 5 meter plus ones of these as i dont live that close to Ikea and would like to order one on-line.

Hope you can help




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Thanks Guys thats just what i needed.



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I've just bought the 20m "cableater" from simply.co.uk. I had the IKEA version but this seems better, They also do a 2.5m version


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Originally posted by hornydragon
Its in home wares section
Good animated photos!

But is it a good idea to bunch interconnects& speaker cables along with the power cables? I always thought they should be kept separate; and if speaker wires do cross power cables, should be at right-angles?

Relatedley, why I ask is that I may have to run one of my speaker cables alongside/parallel to a power cable along the bottom of the skirting board - is this a no no??

sorry, if a bit OT

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