Where can I buy a Big Box?


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Hi guys

Any ideas where I can buy a box big enough to fit a large computer + accessories inside?




I got a video somewhere on this puter with linsey dawn mckenzie.

She got a massive box.......


eric pisch

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The easiest place to buy boxes i have found are those storage box companys that have poped up all over the place like yellow box

They aint cheap thou ....

Supermarkets where good for it until health and safety got involved

ebay will have alot of choice but you normally end up with a stack of them


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Your nearest Staples store or if you are posting it book your pickup with Parcel2go and buy one of their boxes.


try your local co-op or supermarket;)


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try your local co-op or supermarket;)

boxes from supermarkets tend to be small though , trust me i have just moved house and am still emptying them :eek: , OP think laterally , go to shops that buy big heavy things , and ask if they have any empty boxes :smashin:


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When I helped a friend move house – I went to PC world and Comet and just asked if they had any big boxes flat packed out the back – both came back with a trolley load full :)


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the pound shop type place always seem to have large plastic box type things and probably alot cheaper than a large cardboard box.

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