Where are the reviews?


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Where are the reviews of the first batch of 360 games?
The states get the 360 on 22nd, so lest say the games need to be shipping out to shops on the 19th. Lets assume its a weeks worth of dvd printing and packaging so that brings it down to the 12th. Minus one more day for the game to be finalised that brings it down to the 11th.
So if the 11th is 8 days away why haven't they sent out review copies to the various people. Surely with 8 days left these games are 99.8% complete, they must be able to send out review code at this point.

In my opinion the earlier the reviews come out the better. The more hype it creates over the launch. If people see PGR3 getting top marks then it persuades people to buy the console, it creates a buzz. If the reviews come out at the launch of the console they get lost in all the hype about the console and just before the launch people will speculate on how good the games are and anti 360 people will slag off the games even though they haven't played them.

Where are the reviews??


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well seeing as yesterday we only got confirmation of 2 games going gold, the others are just not finished. if it was me i wouldnt want to send my launch title out for review if its a unfinished product. id expect reviews after the 22nd launch

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Reviews just seem to be getting later and later recently with many only being reviewed after hitting the high street. The Official 360 Mag will probably get first dibs on reviews, and that comes out November 18th.


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'The more hype it creates over the launch. If people see PGR3 getting top marks then it persuades people to buy the console, it creates a buzz' ..

To be honest I doubt microsoft are particularly losing sleep over this after all they're gonna sell every single system that hits the shelves between now and Xmas anyway!


maybe they've not given out machines to press, for them to be able to review, there is a shortage after all


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Perfect Dark Preview


"...Let’s just start with some good old fashioned hype. Perfect Dark Zero is the premier multiplayer title on the Xbox 360 and will be the most fun Live game you have ever played before. No, that isn’t a marketing tagline. That’s what I’m telling you now, having played it in an Xbox 360 preview session. While I tried out the single player mode for a bit, I primarily played the co-op mode. It was, in a word, godly.

I’ve been following Perfect Dark Zero from the beginning, through the system changes, disastrous MTV Unveiling, screenshots from hell, uninspiring X05 cam footage, and everything in-between. To be honest, I was expecting mediocrity taken to all-new highs. Fortunately, I was dead wrong. This game has quite a bit of bad buzz surrounding it. As it turns out, that buzz is just plain incorrect.....

On the whole, I couldn’t be more impressed with Perfect Dark Zero. I went in expecting mediocrity, I came out amazed by what Rare has accomplished. They’ve spent almost five years on the game, and it really shows. Innovation runs through every facet of the game, and the attention to detail of this title is truly mind-boggling. If you want the best damned co-op experience to date, Perfect Dark Zero looks to be the go-to game this November."

Looking good!


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OK, Kameo is on shelves in shops in the USA. This game is finished, good to go, where are the reviews? Surely some magazines have 360 consoles, surely they must be in the process of reviewing it, right?


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Call Of Duty 2, Xbox 360 review. seems very impressive glad im waiting for the 360 over Pc even though its killing me to do so

So, here it is. After all the build up, expectation, and teasing - the first finished Xbox 360 game has been placed under the XBM microscope for examination. During the build up to the launch of the console, Call of Duty 2 seems to have been filed under the label 'Yet Another PC-port' - with little real examination of the title as a next-generation game in its own right. It may well be a PC game on the side, but make no mistake, Call of Duty 2 is one of the most underrated titles in the Xbox 360 launch line-up. Here's why...

The first thing to note is that even when the console game is running side by side with a top of the range PC version, outputting in as high-resolution as it can muster, the 360 version has the edge visually. Perhaps this will change as graphics cards evolve, but for now, the console game runs more smoothly, has far quicker load times, and looks generally better than its poor home computer cousin. This means that visually, Call of Duty 2 is absolutely jaw dropping, especially when it's played on a high definition Widescreen TV. However, even without such wallet-sapping technology in your home, the glory of the graphics is there to be seen in every second of the game, whether you're charging suicide-style into the midst of a hail of German bullets to defend Stalingrad in the Russian campaign, or desperately trying to gain a foothold in Normandy during the American missions, it's clear that Infinity Ward has polished this game to the nth degree. Proudly boasting an incredibly solid 60 frames per second, along with all the usual technical refinements that subtly contribute towards making the game as slick as possible (such as anti-aliasing and 720p output), Call of Duty 2 plays like a dream - never skipping to load in the enormous levels, never stuttering during moments of intense combat, and never faltering when all you can see is fire, bullets and blood. Put simply, the look of Call of Duty 2 is flawless.

So, this pretty much sums up what we already knew: Xbox 360 games are a significant step upwards in terms of sheer visual splendour. What can't quite be expressed without playing the game; is the way that the visuals blend with the action to create one of the most brutal and action-packed war games ever made. There are moments in Call of Duty 2 where there is bloody action as far as the eye can see, as you and your allies attempt to complete a variety of objectives over a number of highly authentic battlegrounds from WWII. The game doesn't simply stop and wait for the player: it carries on the fight, making sure that the action maintains its ferocious pace from start to finish.

There is no respite, and there are few places to hide from the relentless onslaught of the enemy, but not once does the violence feel unbalanced or pad-hurlingly unfair, largely because of the ingenious health system employed by the developer. Instead of the usual humdrum of forcing gamers to keep an eye on health (and subsequently the placement of health-packs), Call of Duty 2 employs a survival system that befits the hectic, yet unrealistic feel of the game. Your character has two critical hit-boxes on his body - the head and the chest. Should any Nazi bullets find their way into either of these zones, your vision will turn red and blurry, your hearing will fade, and your pace will slow for a few seconds. Take another hit whilst in this state, and you'll die and restart from the last auto-save. However, if you recover, you'll be able to carry on fighting as if nothing ever happened: essentially having the life-slate wiped clean of blood. The difficulty settings merely ramp up, or lower the accuracy of the German troops, meaning that anyone can experience the full chaos of Call of Duty 2's single player campaign regardless of their skill at first-person shooters.

Essentially, this is one factor that makes Call of Duty 2 the definitive, most universally appealing WWII title ever made. It's not that the game does anything more or less than its digital brothers in arms, far from it, but instead it strips the genre down to the bare essentials and this turns it into one of the most pure shooters we've seen for some time. Even some of the game's most prominent features such as the mobile cover (smoke grenades) and battle-chatter are nothing new, but they just seem to work well in the environment they have been placed in, without overcomplicating the experience. How many players actually use smoke in offline games? A mere handful. Why? This is because the enhanced visuals and AI routines on offer in Call of Duty 2 makes smoke one of the most effective weapons in the game, as it allows players to storm otherwise deadly obstacles, or take a breather when the action gets too intense. The battle-chatter also works extremely well in this game, and although it's nothing new, it adds an extra dimension to the gameplay helping players to immerse themselves deeper within the game. After all, it's tough not to get involved when your allies are shouting advice and hurling insults at the Germans on one side, and your enemies are doing the exact same thing on the other, albeit in a different language. Racial slang, regional accents, and technical terms flow thick and fast across the theatre of war, bringing it to life in a way that no other shooter has quite managed to achieve before.

What does this give Call of Duty 2 that might be missing from other next-gen launch games? Replay potential is one plus point that springs to mind. Largely because the levels are so action packed and hardly ever seem to be scripted. This adds the sort of mass 'play-again' value to the game that most shooters such as Medal of Honor and Return to Castle Wolfenstein would kill for. The chronological nature of the main single-player mode, which unlocks itself as historical events are played out, means that players can pick and choose between the three, very different, campaigns. Don't fancy wading through the entire Russian story to earn the chance to play as a Tommy? No problem, as the British campaign in North Africa is unlocked after the very first mission in the game because the events happened simultaneously in real-life. Admittedly, the American stages are only accessible towards the end of the game, but as they are pretty tough, this is consistent with the well-balanced learning curve on offer. However, for some AI and difficulty levels will never surpass the experience of playing against human opponents, and this gives Call of Duty 2 the chance to play yet another Ace card...

The multiplayer in this game is a rather unexpected bonus that sits neatly alongside an already excellent single player title. Much like Activision's current generation title, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Call of Duty 2 will be one of the driving forces in Microsoft's big-push to move its 2 million plus users into the next-generation of online gaming. Once again, the deathmatching is nothing that hasn't already been done before in the world of gaming, but it executes the multiplayer experience with the panache that would normally only be expected from real AAA console-selling titles.

Live gaming in Call of Duty 2 is class-based according to the weapon you select at the beginning of each round. There are no special abilities such as Air-Strikes, medics or ammo-distributions (although your grenade allocation will vary according to the weapon you choose), ensuring that no-one class has more of an advantage than any other. The weaponry is similarly, perfectly balanced with each particular firearm having its benefits and drawbacks according to the layout of each map. Sure, there are some stages that favour snipers over close range guns, and vice versa, but when there are 32 players involved in the fight it will always come down to whichever player has the most skill during each session. Is there any slow-down, visual downgrading, or lazy programming moments hidden away in the online portion of the game? Is the multiplayer less polished than the single player campaign? In what can only be described as a breath of fresh air, the answer is a resounding "No"...

As a matter of fact, there really isn't an area of this game that has been weakened to accommodate anything else. Call of Duty 2 has been polished and refined into a fine example of the sort of solid, high-quality game players can start to expect from the next-generation of consoles. It's far more than 'just a PC port' of 'yet-another-WWII-shooter', and in light of this, it could be the best FPS available for the Xbox 360's launch. Duty is calling, and we'd advise you to enlist this winter...


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Gameplay-wise, I thought PC CoD2 was very dull. It plays exactly the same as the original CoD which dulls the intensity of the situation for me somewhat. That and the bizarre inclusion of an auto-heal function whereby you just duck out of the way for a few moments and automatically heal yourself. It's unrealistic but, more importantly, takes away the 'edge' the original had. It resulted in me playing through on auto-pilot, never really connecting with any of my character(s).

AI is unimaginitive compared to the state of the art F.E.A.R. and missions are very linear and extremely repetitive. The world just does not seem as believably solid as Half-Life 2, Quake 4, Far Cry and F.E.A.R. have shown us it can be in the last year or so. There is a distinct lack of dynamic lighting and nothing in the world can be interacted with. I had plenty of entertainment shooting lights in F.E.A.R. just to watch them swing and cast shadows on the walls whereas in CoD2 you can't even shoot out a glass window with a Thompson.

Apart from the non-dynamic lighting, the game is fairly pretty, with all the volumetric smoke, bump-mapping, and high-res textures you could ask for. Maybe that's enough for the 360 but I really hope not. I'm left cold by what I've seen on the demo pods and have none of the enthusiasm I had two months ago.

I think I've been spoiled by playing Shadow of The Collossus and Katamari Damarcy in the last week....


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That's great news Kopite! I really can't wait for this and it sounds an absolute stormer of a launch title. I personally expected this to be one of the top games at launch and have this on pre-order along with PGR3. :clap:

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CAS FAN said:
That's great news Kopite! I really can't wait for this and it sounds an absolute stormer of a launch title. I personally expected this to be one of the top games at launch and have this on pre-order along with PGR3. :clap:
32 player on Live? Wowser. Sounds class, and I've got to say I loved playing the demo level... :thumbsup:

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Originally posted by Mike S :
Gameplay-wise, I thought PC CoD2 was very dull. It plays exactly the same as the original CoD which dulls the intensity of the situation for me somewhat. That and the bizarre inclusion of an auto-heal function whereby you just duck out of the way for a few moments and automatically heal yourself. It's unrealistic but, more importantly, takes away the 'edge' the original had. It resulted in me playing through on auto-pilot, never really connecting with any of my character(s).
I totally agree! I played COD 2 on the pc and was very dissapointed indeed. I loved COD when it first hit the pc it was so involving and kicking off throughout the game and it was ground breaking for that time with the d-day landing at the very start of the game with all of your comrades parachuting out of the sky and joining one big offensive against the enemy, it was awesome! But i really think they have gone down the wrong route with the new one and have taken out the intensity of playing. I too found it really repeatative this is not helped by the enemies taking so long to die, i mean you have to shoot them so many time before they die that its just unrealistic and boring shooting the same enemy in the head 5 times before thay die ya know, and i've only played the first 4 levels and got bored with it and went back to Battlefield 2 (sooooooo much better and soooooooo much more realistic - can't wait for BF2 Special Forces). In COD 2 i found that thoughout each level you do exactly the same thing, come up against an encampment of enemys, shoot them all then shoot them all again as each and every one of them just fills up the spot where you killed your last enemy like a production line, then move on a bit and come up against another encampment and repeat. Then in each level you will also have a tank of some sort to deal with and thats just a case of running around like a **** getting shot and hiding for cover for a couple of seconds whislt you rapidly replenish your energy then simply run straight up to the tank and stick some explosives on it and run away while it blows up, then move on towards your next encampment of tesco production line enemys!
It should have been COD expansion pack because its by no means worthy of a new release number. There's nothing new in the game whatsoever except that when you get an enemy granade thrown towards you it now displays this icon in the center of the screen showing you the direction of the grenade thats just been thrown so to help you run away from it, which in my opinion also takes away some if the very little remaining intensity and realism of the game. I'm just glad i didn't buy it this time round!

Don't take my work for it, play it yourself and you'll see what i mean!

I just hope that COD 2 on the 360 will be an improvement over the pc, i doubt it but i won't be buying it till i've played it first.




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Well I absolutely loved COD1. I thought it was an intense & atmospheric WW2 shooter which although very scripted kept me entertained until the end. I also loved the multiplayer aspect of the game and played it for quite some time.

I've only played the COD2 demo but that was amazing and personally i'm after more of the same to be honest as the first one was superb! They have added a few extra things such as the 2 critical hit areas where you have to hide until you recover if you get hit in one. COD is all about great set pieces for me and if COD2 is half the game that COD1 was then I will love it!

Also the 360 version is supposed to be better than the PC version running on a top end PC and as my PC is pretty poor then i'm looking forward to this step up!

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