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Where are the 3D LED HD projectors


Standard Member
Hi mates,

I am Erdinc from Istanbul.

I simply want to buy a LED projector. But why don't we have a chance to buy a LED pj with the capabilities of 3D and HD (at least ready) ?

I think it is obvius that if some vendor produces 3D HD LED Pj soon, they will reach good sales numbers. Of course a 1080p and 3D HDMI1.4 product will cost too much but 3D ready and HD ready may be reasonable.

Anyway, any ideas? Why Leds still is not popular?
And any rumors? Any upcoming product?

Thanks in advence

Tight Git

Distinguished Member
Welcome to the Forum.

My understanding is that the only advantage of LED's is that you don't have to change the bulb.

But bulb life is not an issue for most people, unless the PJ is heavily used.

So, given the current much higher price for LED's, it's hardly surprising that most buy an "ordinary" projector and change the bulb every couple of years or so.


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You are absolutely right Git. Most of us here are nearly experts about PJs. I mean at least we read reviews, articles, threads etc. But the common idea about PJs is, it cannot compete with LCDs and Plasmas in terms of lamp life.

I don't know, possibly vendors happy to sell bulbs every couple of years. This is why they do not intend to work on LED pjs which means less sell. But they can steal many of panel users if they can reverse their disadvantage of lamp life.

My plan was to buy a new panel for my pc room. To use it for my Pc as a monitor, for PS3 and my mkv player. You all know, these are not possible in living room because of the wife :D

Then i thougt that it is a great idea to have 2 meters screen on the wall. But don't want the pj to lose its brightness and color day by day. This is the main reason for led pj.


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LED pj's are not bright enough for 3D (yet) and they cost a fortune (£10k).

I seem to remember only 1 or 2 models out yet and that has been in the last 12 months or so.

As TG said why bother paying thousands for a pj just so you don't have to change a £200 bulb every few years.


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Is there or will there ever be an alternative to DPL, as the RBE issue is beyond a joke. The new Acer 5360BD is riddled with RBE and its only your own brain that may prevent it. This is totally unacceptable from manufacturers an an alternative is needed.


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It's DLP by the way and not all are equal regards rainbow.The Acers/Vivitek and benq are the worst out there.

Some Optomas and Mits are better but for total rainbow elimination 3 chipers are the answer and are too expensive at the moment but will eventually (2yrs or so perhaps) be £2k or so.

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