Where am I going wrong with audio (Sony STHT5000) ?


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Hi guys , just received my new LG C1 OLED yesterday and absolutely loving it but having a problem with the audio side of it . I run a HDMI cable from the TV (ARC HDMI) into my Sony stht5000 soundbar (ARC HDMI) and this is where the problem starts . The Sony soundbar has 7 speakers but only 3 of them work when I plug my PS5 HDMI into the TV , however if I plug the PS5 into the soundbar all 7 speakers work . The same thing happens with Netflix , all 7 speakers work if I use the app on the PS5 but the minute I press the Netflix button on the LG app it just goes to the 3 working speakers , any help would be massively appreciated I am pulling my hair out lol !

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Your TV and Soundbar are both eARC capable - ensure they are both running the latest firmware and ensure eARC is enabled on both devices.

With the Source (PS5) connected to the TV you can usually run an HDMI 'cable' test and the PS5 will report what it thinks the connected devices will support.

Also ensure you have the required subscription on your streaming services - the TV may have less capable versions of the Apps that the PS5!

How long are your HDMI cables?


PS If you connect any devices with your kit powered on it is always worth trying a full system reboot - everything Off at the wall!

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