When you ring up to drop channels...


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so how do they work out the next bill amount? do they charge by the day?

I've just been through this pain. The guy who served me first got it all mixed up and didn't cancel anything. I phoned back up and the lady corrected this and the movies were off, more or less, straight away. Th HD mix, however, is subject to a months notice? My bill had, apparently, gone through for June, so that remained the same, then Julys was way low, then August reverted back to what it should be.


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Are the channels removed that day or at the beginning of next month/bill?
The can do either! They normally offer to wait for the next billing date - but can also do immediately if you wish - the next available bill(s) (given that they work them out well in advance) is adjusted accordingly.


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I move my channels around a fair bit, depending on the football season and the movies coming up.

When you call, you can drop there and then and the channels will be removed within moments/few hours. They will then credit your account for the amount they owe you. So, if you have just paid a bill and then cancel in a few days, they will give back almost a full months payment.

However, they might say, you have just paid a bill so you have a whole month left, do you want to call back at the end of the month. They do this hoping you will forget I guess. Ive even had them tell me that they will put a note on the account and it will cancel on the day I say. It never does and you end up back in the billing cycle.

So, call them, ask them to remove what you want removed and then accept the credit onto your account. Thats the best way


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I've just done it via the website


and got the following response first thing the following morning:

sky said:
Thank you for contacting Sky Help Centre about changing your viewing package.

I was sorry to learn you have considered reducing your TV package and hope this is a temporary phase.

As requested, your viewing package has been amended to the *** with effect from 08.06.09. This will take effect within 2 minutes to 4 hours. You must keep this package for a minimum of one month before any further changes can be made to your subscription.

On your next payment due date, which is ******, your payment will be ***** (GBP) excluding any Box Office charges you may incur. The amount due will vary from your new subscription price due to you changing your subscription package mid month and the amount reflects part of the month at your old price and part at your new price.

From the date that your package was changed, your monthly subscription charge will be ****(GBP) excluding any Box Office charges you may incur and this new amount will be taken from your account in the normal way.

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