When you don't like your job ...


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Well lucky me managed to get offered a new job today!
Not just that, actually something that is interesting and i can see myself in for the long-haul

And the job is...


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Escort :D


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Glory hole cleaner!


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So a bit of background.

I had been working for a small-ish company for 5.5 years, close to home, salary was reasonable, work was fairly straightforward and i was well respected within the business.
I decided last year to try and push myself and go for another job with a bigger company, completely different industry, much more challenging, a lot more responsibility etc, exactly what i was looking for.

I've now been at the new company for 3 months and in short ... i don't like my new job :facepalm:

I can't quite put my finger on exactly what it is, the commute is not too bad and doesn't really faze me, the salary is great (£8k more than i was on before) flexible hours, working from home if needed, but there is something inside my head that is stopping me from wanting to work there. My OH has mentioned a few times recently that i seem unhappy but i haven't been able to pinpoint what it is, now i think its my new job.

I wouldn't want to go back to my previous company, not because i left on bad terms, in fact i am fairly sure they would jump to have me back, but because i'm sure id want to be gone again pretty soon and that's not fair on either party. i don't regret leaving my last job, i just don't think i should have taken this one.

What is a man to do? :eek:
Try to add a bit of perspective...

Work is a vehicle to alow you to do the things you want to do with the people you want to do them with.

Colleagues are people you have to endure in order to spend time with people you want to spend time with.

Money/effort/time are all tradeable commodities that you accept or relinquish in order to get a decent ballance or deal what you view as a good deal out of your employer.

If you love what you do that is the ultimate deal sweetener, otherwise it's all about those numbers dropping into your account at the end of the month.

I have been very lucky to have had a 20 year career in a subject I love and while I never earned the filmstar wages some of my pals have earned, i have been able to say i love my job and I didn't consider it work. I got to the point wherw I was advising the government on national policy so right at the top of the game.

After loosing my parents young and also good friends, I am able to appreciate the finality of life and how short our time on this rock is. I looked at my kids one day I realised that they were growing up way too quick, I was missing them and my work was eating into my time with them too much...

I jumped ship to a completely different career field where I was no longer an SME and where I knew literally nothing. It was 10 mins from my home, the working pattern was super flexible allowing me to work from home when and however I wanted.

Honestly I couldn't be happier with regard my work life balance as I gained the perspecrive of what was important.

Time with those I love.

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