When Will They Fix Cr***y Software?!


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21:00 - Dual recording 4400 on Sky HD and CSI Miami on 5
22:00 We're in the middle of watching something on the planner, when box decides to re-boot itself.
22:03 Box starts recording Standoff and Ghost Whisperer (3 mins late), which are set to record. However, both 21:00 recordings are showing 'Failed - Technical Fault'

It's about time Sky fixed this. They are charging for a service that doesn't work properly, and i'm fed up with getting earache due to these random type faults, or the other odd one where something had recorded but refuses to play.

Fed up!!!!!!!! :mad:


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Not related to your topic really, but Standoff? Am I being stupid or does it no longer show anymore?


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I thought the problem was just my box but am somewhat relieved to hear it isn't
I was recording Bourne Supremacy, box went off at 10pm then recording started again after 10 mins but too late then said failed on planner
I expect it was a software update thing but they could publicise when these will happen to save things like this happening


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Ive had similar issues and had 3 HD boxes now. I managed to get refunded £33 as the last time i rung up sky i was well annoyed because i get it in the ear with my mrs who tells me of the sky mess ups in the day and it also happensto me.

Last time i booked a replacement new box the guy said he will put a note on the system so i will get free subs from last month. He also said to phone up every time you get the fault and get sky customer services person to log the call and get their name so that if you complain in the future you can show them from that date you told them (that you have logged) you have had a shoddy service and they have a point in which to credit you some money back.

When i rang back to get my refund the other day though there were a breakdown in communication as this other guy on the phone seemed to think a refund of the HD subs is all that was in order ((£10) when in fact i had been told a refund of the subs (which would also include HD subs) should of been done for me.

In the end he had a word and came back with a different offer and i couldnt be arsed at the end of the day speaking to him trying to explain that it not just the HD channels i have been having issues with its all of them!
I got refunded £33 in the end!

Every time in future i get issues i will ring up and get them to log it and i will then have a reference point to get some credit back.

I suggest you do the same. ;)


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I've had three new boxes because of this. They messed up somewhere in the software that introduced Anytime. If you ring Sky CS they'll tell you you're the only person in the world with this problem and that they've never heard of it (which is soooo frustrating) but I was glad to stumble across this page yesterday which confirms it as a known issue.

They're taking their sweet time to sort it though.


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I had a recoding finish at 22.00 yesterday while I was playing back the cricket (which was still recording), and the box re-booted itself.
Lost the cricket and the program that finished recording at 22.00 :mad:


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my 10 day old hd box was replaced last friday because it was rebooting itself sometimes when i tried changing channel - i wasn't recording anything at the time


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I set mine to record Terminator on the 18th, checked the planner on the 19th and there it was, to be recorded on 18/08!
Not sure what year..:thumbsdow

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