When will OLED hit the <€1000 Price-point?


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I understand no definitive answer is possible but has there been any clues that point to a rough time frame.

I'm one of those people that doesn't think 4K at normal seating distances is really needed on Projectors never mind TV's. ie. 4K is not a requirement nor is Curved. Gimme Flat all day long. No need for 3D nor Smart TV functionality either. KODI/XBMC media players all over the house attached to our TV's is smart enough for us and 3D is a waste of time at TV screen sizes IMHO. Will likely be picking up a cheap Epson 2D/3D PJ soon aswell anyway.

I'm rocking 8 year old Panasonic Plasmas all over the house. A 50in 720p, 3x 42in 720p and a 37in 720p. When upgrading them all to OLED it would be 5x 40-42in 1080p and 2x 50-60in 1080p. (Big household, one in each room including bedrooms. I promise we are all normal well adjusted non obese people but we love our own TV's and alone time. :D

The two big panels and one of the 40-42 inchers would be wall or cabinet mounted. The other 4 bedroom 40-42 inchers will be mounted inside custom bed footboards with integrated TV lifts I'd be building. The mechanicals are eminently DIY now when we only have to lift <10KG TV's these days. No need for uber expensive Linear actuators that can lift 100KG+ anymore.

So ultimately, my question is when can we expect to see 40-42in 1080p OLED's from any manufacturer in the same sub €1000 price range that equivalent spec LED LCD's are now?


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there not even doing any more 1080p sets so youll have to go 4k oled....nothing announced yet on smaller sizes either though ces show early january will tell you more....sub £2000 maybe next year for 55 inch?


In Denmark it already
Been on the 870 and 930

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What are you pointing out? Maybe my mobile isn't showing it correctly.
Richer Sounds have the LG 55ea980w for £1170 at Brighton store I think.
And Richer Sounds doing a deal on the LG55ec930v at £1350 I believe, several shops have this deal. These all come with 12 month warranty but are ex-service in most cases.

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