When will 50" Plasmas come down in £4000 range?



The 42" plasmas seem to come down in more realistic prices now around £3000

The difference in size between the 42" and 50" doesn't reflect the price as the 50"s are almost twice as expensive to the 42"s

When do you guys the 50" plasmas will come down in price to realistic levels, say around £4000, this year??
The 50" glass has a little over 40% more viewable area than a 42" display and the larger screen leads to lower production yeilds.

So although I agree that a 100% premium over a 42" is looking a bit hard to justify these days, I think it'll be hard to reach a point where the premium is only 33%.

As production yeilds improve and demand increases we can still expect some price falls though.


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