When should I use pre-outs?


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Hi all

I am currently using pre-outs on a Yamaha RX-V667 into a Cambridge azur 650A for the front L and R channels. I have acoustic energy radiance 2 floorstanders, with the radiance sub and centre speaker and radiance 1 bookshelves as surrounds.

I need another receiver for a second room and am contemplating upgrading the 667 and putting that in the other room. If I got, for example, the Onkyo TX-NR709, would it still make sense to drive the front speakers via the 650A? presumably at some stage this doesn't make sense.

Any help (or other suggestions) appreciated!


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As a general guide you need to spend 3 to 4 times the price of a stereo amp to equal the performance from an AV receiver. The 650A was/is a good stereo amp so I would suggest that it is going to sound better than even the 709. As you start to get to an AV receiver that is 4 times the price the 650 was then you will start to get to a point when using it will not make sense. However, if you got a better power amp then again the preouts will make sense again.
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