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When playing a game what causes a slight pause/stutter ?


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I have an Xbox 360 super elite MW2 console, ive been playing Colin McRae Dirt 2 recently from the hard drive. A couple of times ive noticed when playing the game their is a slight freeze stutter for a brief second, its as if it pauses then quickly carries on. This happens for no more than for a brief second, what would cause that would it be the actual game or the console with a slight reading error ?

Ive not noticed it happen while playing MW2 whilst playing from the hard drive but then again its hard to notice with that type of game with so many explosions on the screen.


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Dirt 2 is streaming the track data from disc as you drive, so that wouldn't surprise me. Better a slight stutter than the pop-in you can get in Forza when you hit read errors.


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Not sure if the streaming data from the disc is relevant if the game has been installed to the hard drive. Don't have Dirt2 yet but have come across this issue playing Forza. My stuttering issue was caused by notifications being turned on so a stutter would occur mid race if one of my friends came online. Turning off notifications solved the problem for me.


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Slowdowns and drops in frame rate occur in afew titles. Like darksiders for the 360, which has quite afew glitches like that while the PS3 runs flawless. Its vice versa and has to do with the hardware running the game, and the type of game/coding I think. Its a natural occurence mostly.


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Thanks for the replies, its nothing major as it only happens once in a blue moon, i was more curious as to why it does it occasionally more than anything else. I`ll have a look for the setting where you turn notifications off and see how that goes.

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