When Orange replace a handset


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My W810 has developed a fault. I have spoken to Orange and they are going to replace the handset. My question is will I get a new handset or a reconditioned one?



Could be either. The W810 you return will be repaired and become a replacement for someone else.


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I think last time I spoke to them if the handset is within a month or so of being new you will get a new boxed replacement which is waht we got with accessories and all but if not you will just get a recon handset!!!


I've just had a 4 month old 6230i replaced, and if it isn't brand new, it's very well reconditioned. I got the carcass only, no battery or memory card, but there's not a mark or speck of dust on it, so I wouldn't be concerned if I were you.


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There's no reason that a nearly new recon shouldn't be as good as a brand new phone. They probably go through more quality checks than a new phone to make sure its working properly again.


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Next question. When I download music from the orange wap site is this saved on the memory card automatically or the handset? Same with photos.

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