When listening to music...


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What do you do? I sometime s read the paper, but if i really want to get the most out of a piece of music, i will read up on the lyrics, reviews of the piece and articles on the author on my iPad.

What do you do?

I have after so many years now got a fab room in which to listen to music and watch films:) I have for many years not listened to music and recently stopped watching the latest films as i knew i wasn't getting the best out of them in my car or living room. The effort artists, producers and directors go to in order to maximise pleasure from their products are in the vast majority of cases are wasted, and things like this netflix streaming films can only make things worse IMHO. Anyway i digress.



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I have never got into music to a point where i read up on it.

When i am in a music listening mood, i tend to get a cold beer, turn off the lights and lye down on the couch and enjoy it in the dark.

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