When Is The Best Time To Buy A Car?


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I have been pondering changing my car for a while now.

I have a ford focus 1.6 zetec 52 plate 3door which has done 60k miles.

Am wondering how much will my car be worth on todays market? (how much will I be looking for a trade in?)

Ragards to a new car. am looking for something with more power of course at least 150bhp. and its also needs to be economical as I do about 250 miles a week.


help me with your recommendations please............ and any advice on what I should look for when I come to bargain with these delaers cheers.....

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I agree... crimbo week is the best week as the sales staff are getting fairly desperate to make anywhere near their quota.

You can get some good deals on car just around the time the registrations / models change, as then the garages are keen to get rid of the old reg / earlier model cars which are at most only 6 months old and have pee all mileage on them.


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To get an indication of what it is worth, visit


What you get for the car at part exchange will depend on what you are trying to trade the car in for. Dealers will try and push the price of a part exchange down as much as possible, especially on new cars as they will probably sell it on to another dealer if its not the same make or older than 3 years (they prefer to keep nearly new cars on the lot as they are easier to shift).

One of the tips that was on that Dom Littlewood show was to focus on the change over figure rather than the trade in value. This is the difference between the price of your car and the car you are trying to buy. You will, naturally, want to get this figure down as much as possible. Once they tell you the price, ask for the change over figure and bring this down as much as you can. Don't be afraid to haggle for a better price.

To get the most for your car, it is better to sell it privately IMO.


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Best times would be after the 21st in the following months




In the afternoon around 2.30 and if possible on a Wednesday!

These are the two times after plate changes and of course Christmas, the afternoon through the week approach gets you there full attention.



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any one recommend any good motors!

am thinking about

seat leon fr
honda civic 2.2 diesel
golf diesel
mondeo st170 diesel

any other diesel with over 150bhp and good mpg ill look into as well


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VW not the manufacturing force they once were - they dropped the 'reliable' ad some time ago.
Fords = wouldn't go near 'em.
Honda or Seat
mate of mine has the Civic diesel and loves it - his last car was an RX8...


Leon and Golf are pretty much the same, Mondeo diesel is good, Honda is smoother more petrol like but gets poor mpg and likes to drink oil, there have been a few that have gone pop


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will any of these diesels save me more money on fuel than mt current 1.6 zetec focus you think.

whats a good website to get comparsions on mpg etc


Try What car for comparisons, also I'd use the urban figure as in reality thats what you are likely to acheive, my golf 140td averages 42mpg no matter how hard I drive it and its chipped to 180bhp. Another car i would add to your list is a Astra, and if you look there are cracking deals, including 0% over 4 years (even if you have have the cash why waste it ?)


Something like the SRi with styling pack would be good, engine is the 1.9 CDTi 150ps which is smoother than the VAG unit. You could pick up a 6 month old one for 11k if you look. Or if you want new expect to pay around £14500.


You do need to search the country though to get a bargin, its smaller than a civic inside and not quite as funky. Best thing to do is drive them all ... or go for a Mondeo ST TDCi .. whats your budget ?


I'd guess around £3500 - 4000 for the focus depending on condition.

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