When is a reshuffle not a reshuffle?


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When everyone keeps their jobs... :rolleyes:

Alistair Darling - stays as chancellor
David Miliband - stays as foreign secretary
Jack Straw - stays as justice secretary
Lord Mandelson - stays as business secretary
Jim Murphy - stays Scottish Secretary

Reshuffle? What reshuffle?

Oh yes, Sir Alan Sugar - made enterprise czar :rolleyes:

OK, so
Alan Johnson - new home secretary, but that had to be done to replace someone who left,
John Hutton - quitting as defence secretary. Replacement unknown


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There was some talk on the Daily Politics show on BBC2 (and I may have misunderstood), that said that Gordon wanted to put Ed Balls in No. 11, but Darling may have gone off in a strop to the backbenches so he's had to keep him in place. I daresay this had a lot to do with the battering David Cameron gave him in PMQs this week...

And still Gordon Brown won't even do the honourable thing, but will more likely change the locks on No. 10 and board up the windows...

Couldn't happen to a more worthy sack of ****, in my opinion. :rotfl:

Solomon Grundy

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It's just embarrassing...the most unpopular guy in the country and he doesn't get the hint.


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I don't think it's a question of getting the hint. As someone else pointed out elsewhere (it may even have been you, Decadence, I can't remember!), he schemed, plotted and brooded his way to the top, and whether he's right for the job or not, he's simply not letting go.


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Reshuffle? What reshuffle?

Oh yes, Sir Alan Sugar - made enterprise czar :rolleyes:

I bet hiring Alan Sugar will be a drain on the publics purse, or maybe he is doing it for free, for the good of the country.

If he isnt, this is probably a bad move for Brown - He can barely afford to make good the promises of last week, let alone make good the new promises today.


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Q. When is a reshuffle not a reshuffle?

A. Todays reshuffle :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

More importantly, when is a PM not a PM?

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