When is a pixel dead?



Hi all

Just run my new Hitachi PJ-TX10 for the first time, blown away by the picture quality, while checking the picture and screen far too closely I noticed that when the screen went to black for the opening credits of a film, one pixel showed slightly blue, this shows up in no other scenario so is no cause for concern, I was just curious if this is a dead pixel or Just a stuck pixel or neither, stupid question really


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if you can create an all red all green and all blue screen you will be able to see if the pixel is always a specific colour, you can try to hide this with a small dot of coloured paper on the screen (as described in somebodys post i read recently) but if it is always a set colour (even with other colours on top then it is likely a stuck pixel. Thats what it was like on my lcd screen at least


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Dead pixels can be partly dead. From the description this is what you have, perhaps. Partly dead pixels DO change brightness, but not to the right extent, or in the right circumstances.

If you can't see it in normal use, just forget about it.

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