When for new Panny models and price drop


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I have set my heart on a Panny 37PV500, but cannot quite afford one at the moment.

A few postings in this forum have suggested a price drop after Christmas. Is this likely?

Also, from what I have read, Panasonic release new models yearly. When are we likely to see new HD models from Panasonic? as surely this would initiate a price drop on current generation models?

Thanks in advance.


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They will fall after xmas, as everyone who really wants them will rush out and get them in time for xmas.
The new model will be out late summer early Autumn as they are every year.


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Usually Panasonic releases new consumer models in the first half of the year and commercial models in the 2nd half of the year. So the replacement for the 37PV500 should come in Q1/Q2 2006, I think.
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