When do you use the 'pure direct' setting on receiver?



I was wondering if you guys use this? Most receivers will have this these days.

I find Audessey makes everything slightly muffled.

I have a Marantz SR7005 receiver and a Marantz cc4003 cd player. I mainly play either cds or files from USB. I am still trying to work out the best setting.


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The best setting is the one that sounds best to you in your room playing your music. That's why there a such a huge number of settings: to cater for individual preferences, which differ.

whos mother

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I use pure audio 95% of the time with music,occasionally for a a party or something with a bit of dance stuff I'll bang it on all channel stereo.

I barely watch films anymore.TV I have on all channel stereo but most of the time it stays in pure audio.

Its amazing this last 6 months I have really got back into my music at one point I was all films and surround was really important now I might as well have a stereo amp.

I find music unless its specifically a dts dvd or something a bit distracting on anything other than pure audio or stereo but I dont really need a sub for music so I use pure audio

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