When are sky gonna fix problems?

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by raigraphixs, Jun 24, 2004.

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    Jul 11, 2001
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    We all know there are loads of problems with sky+, when it works it works great. But when problems occur it is not fun

    - unreliable recording; sometimes programmes do not get recorded - they fail. Now is it me, but that is a major problem, you know your vcr will always record, but going to watch a recording that you really wanted to watch to find out it has failed is very bad.

    - recorded programmes that will not play

    - series links - not working all the time

    - box reseting itself

    - other problems people are having

    Now is there any planned update to stop FAILED recordings????????


  2. LDJ

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    Jun 18, 2003
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    God i hope they dont try and fix them!
    The last time they tried to "improve" the software they ended up making more bugs than they fixed. Everyone was creaming themselves about dual-record, but the basic function of the box got EVEN WORSE!
    Their programmers must be a bunch of monkeys becuase with every software revision the platform seems to get progressively worse!! :mad:

    Sky+ is awful in terms of reliability, but I just hope they leave it as it is, because knowing sky things will only get worse! :thumbsdow
  3. Starburst

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    Jul 13, 2000
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    Some SKY+ boxes are rubbish:)

    I had my first failure of the year last sunday (Kingdom Hospital, BBC2 reported schedule change) and I had two failures last year but they were due to bad weather.
    My SKY+ is now 34 months old (original spec) and has it's OS updated as SKY has seen fit with an increase in functions and no decrease in reliability.

    Question is why is my SKY+ ok?

    The basic cause of hardware issues is heat, my SKY+ is well ventilated and in a cool room, I also see no point in the IR feature so have that turned off which may also reduce internal heat buildup.
    The reduction in trigger temp for the fan is a belated attempt to solve what is after all a design flaw in the SKY+, not enough room for the HD to breathe internally nor a HD selected for it's cool running.
    I also had my SKY+ installed by an expert, not a set wage SKY fitter who while may have the best intentions is on the clock and that sort of pressure is not going to put quality above quantity. Dodgy installations may work on the day of fitting but sooner or later problems surface with leaky connections distrupting the signals and poor alignment distrupting the signal both of which could cause failures when switching between H or V polarity and High/Low band channels resulting in unexplained failures on one or both LNB inputs.

    My viewing habits I believe have a bearing on the success of the planner and series link entires, I do not watch much BBC nor ITV who for the life of them can not follow their own EPG data nor it seems can the BBC really manage their EPG and links as time and time again it's the BBC links that are more prone than others to just vanish.
    It is a problem with EPG data and series links when the broadcaster alone is responsible, maybe it should have been done by a third party (similar to TIVO) but perhaps the biggest problem is that some users expect too much.

    I am honestly amazed how many people report problems (making allowances for a forum bringing forth problems and not praise) and touch wood that I ain't one of them:)

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