When am going to get rid of those image lags on 434?



I have a Pio 434 and i am playing Xbox on it. I have had the screen from 31/12/03. I did not count the hours that i had it on. When ever i play PGR2 for 20 minutes and no more i get stuck with the kudos(white color) and the speedometer( red). the contrast is set to 26 brightness at 2 colour -10 tint +3. Sure it goes away after playing some regular tv program but is this the way is going to be? Or if i pass a certain our barrier i will have no more ghosting from just 20 minutes of gameplay? Please help.
but this is a real concern. I am teetering on the brink of buying a plasma. Am I really going to get things burnt into the screen if they don't move? What about Channel locos etc? What about that damn red dot??

Surely this isn't the case?
With apologies to those that already know, but obviously some people don't as there are still posts..............

To remove the horrible red dot on Sky Digitial, C4 etc just press the backup button on your Sky remote and it disappears. Ok it comes back again after the commercial breaks but again just a quick dab on the backup button and its gone. It works on all those press red type boxes, logos, buttons etc. Sadly it doesn't work with on-screen logos but half is better than nothing. This little bit of information is tucked away in the FAQ on the channel 4 website.

I complained to Sky about this before I discovered the trick and all they came up with was the usual crap of well we comply with all current legislation and we feel it is important to keep our viewers aware of when interactivity is available, no mention of how to get rid of it though!!!!
Or better still press the red button followed by the back up button
and as long as you don't change channel no more red dot.

IIRC you can get a box which plugs into the Sky+ box which auto sends the backup button every 30 seconds to permanently remove the red dot...check out the satellite forum

I have exactly the same problem. Not that I am into my gaming much but after installing my 434 I connected my PS1 to see what it looked like!

Only after 5 mins of messing around on Wipeout (do you remember that!) I changed the channel and noticed the laptimes in the corner.

Very disconcerting. after not taking a lot of notice on the screen burn scares I did need a change of pants:eek:

In the manual it does describe that you should have a low brightness for the first 200 hours or so but I wasn't expecting this problem so soon?:confused:

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