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I have had an issue with my auto backup for Whatsapp for ages now - it will always tell me the backup failed for what ever reason and i have to go in and do it manually through Whatsapp - no big deal.

But i tried to back it up a couple of weeks ago and for some reason it crashed when doing the back up, and ever since it has just been stuck on "Backing up - Uploading: 97.8 MB of 11.29 GB (0%)" - with the little circle wheel thing to the right going round and round, as if it is still trying to back up. But like i say, this crashed out weeks ago and i can't seem to "cancel" this back up and try again.

I have tried shutting the phone down and closing all apps etc, but it is still saying the same.

Any ideas how i can force the old back up to cancel and start again?


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Exactly same issue I’m having. Other than reinstalling app, which may lose data not already backed up, I’m out of ideas


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still having the issue. I have even purchased 2TB of icloud storage now to see if that helps the issue, but it doesn't - the chat backup is just stuck on "Uploading 0 bytes of 11.19 GB (0%)" with the circle in the cloud above just spinning round.

I don't really want to uninstall and re-install as i imagine i will lose all chat history from middle of November to now? (when it was last backed up)

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