whats your ultimate future display in the next 10 years?


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So i was having a little think about the future and all the upcoming current tech and what i would want to see happen in the next few years.


For me personally i would want to see OLED mainly because i believe it is bendable.I would like to see a curved 50" OLED surround the viewer in picture much like current curved projector screens.


For this i guess it has to be Anamorphic Widescreen fully filling the tv and giving extra width than current widescreen displays.I would also guess 1080p would be the minimum res but hopefully it would be super hi-res tv way above 1080p.

3 3D

3D is probably the next big thing so i cant think of anything better than to compliment the above than having it all displayed in hi-res 3D.

So there u have it folks im hoping for a 50" OLED curved Anamorphic 3D display.What are your hopes guys and girls?


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well back in 2006, i remeber ultra high definition tv being showcased with a native resolution of 7680x4320!!! and it seems highly plausible for this technology to be in demand a few years after our current 1080p market starts to mature.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Europe gets glimpse of HD future

some quotes i remeber were that apparently the screen looked so 'real that if the camera started spinning or moving really fast on screen, the viewer would beome dizzy and a bit sick as their brain depicts that movement as somthing that is happening to them. I also remember someone giving 1080p the finger after seeing that. lol

As for oled, yes the technology is growing. for too long have lcd and plasmas been our only options and our saviour has come as oled who shall overcome and rid of them due to their flexibility, thinness, low energy, cheap manufacturing and that million to one native contrast (take that pioneer kuro)

i would also imagine that at that time, we would also be able to buy video oled wallpaper, seriously choose your size and shape, slab in on the wall and have like a underwater sea life screen saver. how cool would that be.

but seriously as of now oled is jus starting. I would assume it would start increasing in size and so be used as...er i dunno laptop displays, computer monitors, heck maybe even the next ipod before following pursuit of the sizes of television sets that you forum members would be satisfied with :d

i hope ive given you a lot to get excited about.

p.s this has been my first post on this forum, hope you like it.
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