whats your occupation?


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well after having my mind melted by that lottery ticket thread.

it appears theres some clever people on this site.

so whats your job?

im an electrician :thumbsup:


Oh dear, I'm one of those that have been on the recieving end of some hate mail on the forum.



Ivor the Engine

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Obviously in alphabetical order, I'm a fundraising manager for the Alzheimer's Society.

Anyone see secret millionaire last night?


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Computing Student. Hoping to go into Software Development after graduation.


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Marine engineer.

Also studying for a 2nd degree in Engineering management.


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Prison officer/drug worker


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I used to work in IT before getting outsourced to Bangalor....... i now run a couple of online retail sites one for designer toys and the other t-shirts, i do all the printing myself.


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English teacher - or monkey herder - depending on which I have at the time.

Solomon Grundy

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I buy surplus and obsolete electronic components...and then sell them on again.

Ed Selley

AVF Reviewer
I'm a Hi-Fi journalist (mainly two channel) and technical consultant.


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