What's your local independent eletronics shop?


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Independent electronics shops interest me. They often have weird or outdated products -mostly from obscure brands- hidden by a layer of dust in their usually cluttered windows, which fascinates geeks like me.

Sadly they seem to be disappearing from our high streets just like their chain store equivalents.

Here's the two nearest to me.

Scanview on King Street, Hammersmith, West London:

A rather grotty and cramped shop completed with permanent bars on the windows (although Hammersmith's not really a crime ridden area - honest!).


Robert James on nearby Shepherd's Bush Road. A much neater store mainly specialising in sound and vision. Shut at the moment due to a recent flooding.


What independent shops are in your area?


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Euronics for me, TV's and all household stuff, quite generic really, same stuff different town.



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Unfortunately some 70 miles away in Chester & Wrexham that I know of (no jokes please in living in North Wales :D). Had one in my home town of Bangor many years ago when I first got into HiFi but alas it's no more.


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A not very good Euronics store and of course Robert Ritchies in Montrose. Is it me or are Sevenoaks popping up like wetherspoons pub? You soon will be able to give generic directions anywhere in the country by saying "take the next left at Sevenoaks". No matter where you are you will reach your destination!


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I guess i`m quite lucky having two & 7 Oaks S&V close by and a great independant, Kimberly Audio and Visual (Raj the owner is very excited about getting Kef referance status. I got an invite to go listen to his new toys tomorrow :D). Also a rather poor Musical Images (gone really down hill now). Still they`re all within 3 miles of me.


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Our local independent is a real "Local Shop for Local People"

many years ago, we had Sky installed by them. The box broke one day, and they took it in for repair.
I asked them for a quote, as I was aware I could by now buy a new one from 3rd party dealers pretty cheap, or even get a swop out from Sky for £65.

So, I was a bit taken aback when my wife and I went in the shop a week later and they said it had been repaired, and the cost was £150 :eek:

However, the guy who I had dealt with when I took it in was on holiday, and his parents (Who had established the shop in the first place) were running the shop. They were clearly both in their 80's, if they were that young. :rolleyes:

Unfortunately, an arguement ensued where we refused to pay and asked for our box back, saying we hadn't asked for a repair, only a quote.
Not surprisingly they refused to do so till we paid.

The verbal arguement went back and forth with these 80 year old's ranting and swearing, until my wife simply picked up the box from the counter, and said right were off.

At the point the old lady said she would phone the police, and we welcomed her to do so, but she then said she was going to say my wife assaulted her!

Calling her bluff, we again encouraged her to do so, so we could get it sorted out. So she went ahead, and we just stood there and waited. After 20 minutes or so, it was beginning to become apparent she hadn't actually phoned them and no one was coming, so we just left with the box.

On the return of the son from his holiday, he called and apologised, and said he would never leave them in charge again as they were always messing things up. He asked us to simply pay what we thought was "fair" for the repair, so we paid £65 - the same as a Sky callout.

Anyway, yes the shop was just like you would imagine an independent electical shop run by 80 year olds. Yes it was full of minor league brands like Grundig, shelves and shelves full of spares and accessories, light bulbs and such that were kept in wooden draws (a bit like the old shop in the 2 ronnies "O's for the gate" sketch).

Needless to say, we have avoided the place ever since, but it is still going, but now is a member of Euronics

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