Question What's your best ever season (not series) Finale?

Greg Hook

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I've been rewatching Buffy and recently finished Season 2 with the stonking final 2 parter.

It got me to think about what were my favourite season finales in various TV shows I've watched.
Whether that be a major cliffhanger or a proper resolution to an on running plot line.

I'm not talking about the whole series finale which are often massively disappointing but a particular season finale.

For me Buffy season 2 last two episodes is up there.
Cliffhanger ones are good, but quite often are disappointingly resolved in the first few minutes or episode of the new season. (Buffy season 3 episode 1 I'm looking at you here!)

What about the rest of you?


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Off the top of my head it has to be Season 5 of The Shield.

I won't even put it in spoilers it's too dangerous. But I was absolutely mortified. Stunning stuff, and I don't think I've ever anticipated a follow-up season so much.


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As well as season 5 of The Shield, mine would have to be Breaking Bad season 5. Even though it was split into 2 parts, I cannot remember an episode that was less than 9 out 10. Epic!


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Season 2 finale of Justified gets my vote.

The show had really found it’s footing by then and Margo Martindale was truly epic as Mags Bennett with Jeremy Davies not too far behind as her son Dickie.


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Agree with The Shield season 5 also 24 season 2. I know it went downhill but the first few seasons, it was on fire.

Indiana Jones

Top ones for me include...

TNG Season 3
Stargate SG-1 Season 7
Farscape Season 2
Battlestar Galactica Season 1
Babylon 5 Season 3
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All I will say is "If you go to Za'ha'dum you will die."

TNG Best of Both World's has to rank up there.

Season 1 final to BSG certainly was unexpected a real "Holy ...." moment.

Season 4 final to Lost was just nuts and quite spectacular.

I agree with all of that, but would also add the finale of the final season of Battlestar Galactica. Truly gripping and you cared.


Think i'd vote for Dexter, the reveal of his wife in the bath.

Carnivale season 2 was "whaaaat?!" too, and turned out to be the total end cos they 'ing cancelled it >:-(

Casimir Harlow

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Buffy Season 5

Buffy dies, Giles coldly dispatches Glory

West Wing 1

Assassination attempt

Battlestar Season 2

Setting up one of the best reverse terrorism episodes ever

Homeland Season 1

24 Season 1

Jack goes full John Wick thinking his daughter's dead, then Nina kills his wife!!

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