What's wrong...reversible signal from only TV'S INPUT socket ?



Hi all,
First of all sorry for my english. Anyway I need help.
I have Sony KV-FQ3680. It has 5 inputs of what I use only 2 ( RGB ).
1st TV's input is connected from Sat digital receiver ( TV OUTPUT )
2nd TV's input is connected from DVD Recorder Pioneer 5100 ( TV OUtput )

To the over mentioned DVR 5100 I put the Cable TV signal IN
(throw separate cable ) and OUT ( throw separate cable ) STRIGHT TO TV's RF socket.
As you know I can watch every outter signal throw DVR .
So I can watch RF ( cable signal ), Sat Digilal Receiver.

Everything works fine untill;
If choose DVR input ( L 3 ) too pass signal from Sat digital receiver
and I TURN IT OFF I should see... NOTHING. But no way I can see a very week tv signal ( presented set TV program in TV mode ) with a proper voice. Again Am sure - in this , over mentioned case ( input ) I should see black TV screen and NO voice at all.
So, if I pull of from TV input socket the cable which connects Sat digital receiver ( SCART ) with TV - everything is OK. I mean TV screen is black and no voice exist.

I think that sth. is wqrong with TV Scart socket which SHOULD BE ONLY IN ( no IN and OUT - there is nth. about it in TV's User Manual ).
Now the task for you as I do NOT have anybody can help me.
I do appreciated any answer so do mNOT let me down ;-)

Ernet ( for a first time here ):hiya: :hiya: :hiya:
SCART sockets provide BOTH input and output signals.

Whenever a TV is set to an 'AV' channel, neverthless the tuner continues to receive the RF signal and decode it (but without displaying it on screen). It also outputs this signal via SCART.

This is fairly typical behaviour.
Thanks Nigel for your soonest reply. Now I explain whatb it is the problem for me. My Pio 5100 has ' Auto Rec Start " which ( if connected with any ex source ) turn it on itself and turn out itself if it ( pio ) detect any input signal from external source. It works as:
I programmed my DSR's ( Digital Sat Receiver ) built in tuner to turn on at ...hr and turn of...hr to record some programmes.
So IF i;
2) I put my PIO into " Auto Rec MOde "
3) PIO turn of itself AND...

... IT tURN itself ON after 5 secound because it feel reversible signal from TV !!! ???

So what to do ??????????

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