whats with rgb to vga?



Sorry if this sounds dumb, or has been asked before, but im getting confused.

what exactly is the rgb - vga connection?

is this simply a cable with scart connection at one end and a monitor connection at the other??

keep seeing this mentioned but not exactly sure what kinda cable is being used.

I have a LG 42" plasma, and wondering whether this option is viable, for better picture quality.


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The RGB to VGA converter is used to enable Plasma owners with a spare VGA or RGB port (5 x BNC or RCA phono sockets) to connect a Digibox to the display using the RGB option on the Digibox SCART socket.

The converters dont 'improve' the picture quality from SKY they merely enable you to receive the best picture your Digibox can deliver. Our favoured brand of converters are from JS Technology and Dr John will have a fit if anyone suggest its a cable with a SCART plug at one end and a VGA connector at the other end - the converters are required to strip the sync pulse out of the Composite video signal produced by the Digibox and then produce separate horizontal and vertical syncs which the plasma display requires.

I'm guessing your LG Display has a stand alone tuner box with RGB enabled SCART sockets and if so then as long as you have your SKY set to output RGB and your input configured to receive RGB then other than trying differing brands of SCART cable you already have as good a picture as you are going to achieve.

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