Whats the smallest room....



Whats the smallest room/space/distance from the wall my PTAE 100 will work at, as ive sold my house and have to rent a flat till we find somewhere else to live? all the rooms in the flat are fairly small but id like to set it up even if its a smaller picture.

Any help is much apreciated.

Bert Coules

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Why not experiment with a piece of white card held up in front of the lens and moved back and forth? The only critical factor is the point at which you can no longer focus the image - you don't need to see the entire picture to determine that; just a small part of it will do.


My HT (with TW100) is about 2.5m long and 2m wide. I project on a 1.6m diagonal (16x9) fixed screen. I had to make some compromises (here and there); small ones, in seating position and speaker setup, but I am still able to project without resorting to keystone correction or other tricks). An HT can be small!


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Talking of 'smallest room' a local AV installer has a Sanyo PLV-30 shining through a little window into his bathroom and projecting onto the wall above his bath...most effective!

Ian Guinan

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