What's The Recommended SCART Switch


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When I asked this question about 6 months ago there were only two real options:


The Quintro+ was the clear recommended choice, the Joytech was reported to lose sync amongst other problems.

Six months have passed and there are new players on the scene:

Hitachi (sold by Argos)
Triton (sold by Index)

I've also noticed that the Quintro is becoming increasingly harder to find.

So is the Quintro+ still the leader of the pack or has another taken its place. If it is still the Quintro, how does it benefit over the Hitachi or Triton




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Depends on how many extra scart inputs you need - I assume they would all need to be RGB compatiable.

Personally, I only needed one extra RGB-enabled scart socket, but I did however, need the switching to be automatic. I have gone for a JS Technology Master Scart Controller, which I am very happy with - zero intervention on my part and no noticeable effect on picture quality.

theo cupier

JOYTECH's JS965 AV Control Center has quite a good reputation.

Mine arrived this morning and it seems lovely. Nice to finally have RGB rather than composite which was the only remaining working port on my old vivicano box. :rolleyes: There was some problem about trigger voltages with these some months ago - especially in the black versions for some reason - but I gather that is now fixed.

My Joytech came from Play.com:
Black: http://www.play.com/play247.asp?page=title&r=ELEC&title=171031

Silver: http://www.play.com/play247.asp?page=title&r=ELEC&title=171036

Beware though, they are a lot larger than you might expect - bigger than my Technics SD220 DVD player! :eek: The input switching remote is the cutest accessory ever, by the way.

Out of interest, does anyone know if the remote on these things can be programmed into any universal remote controls (like the Harmony remotes?)


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As long as the remote works using IR any learning remote should be ok.

David Finch

Joytech have just released a new SCART Switcher - AV Control Center 2. It's available at Gameplay for £64.99 from 24th March. For another 99p they'll have it to you by the release date. If you can't wait 'tll then Playtrack will have it in stock Friday 11th March for €119 (£82.80) I don't know what their shipping charges are though?

Details below:


This is the sequel to the very popular AV Control Center. This time around you will be able to switch between five RGB-Scart sources using a remote, you will also be able to switch between two optical inputs, two Ethernet, six S-Video, six composite and six Audio (analog).

As you can see the big news in this unit is the network support and overall more connectors. You will also have some changes to the design with the all new LCD-display, displaying the source that is currently playing, for example Xbox or similar. You will be able to name the different sources.

The metal casing and the connectors have been thoroughly shielded against any types of interference. There´s also a special circuit built in to enhance the overall signal quality.

AV Control Center 2 Silver
Remote Controll
Now with LCD-Display
Possibility to name your sources

5x RGB-Scart
6x S-Video
6x Composite Video
6x Audio (Analog)
2x Audio (Optical)
2x Ethernet

1x RGB-Scart
1x S-Video
1x Composite Video
1x Audio (Analog)
1x Audio (Optical)
1x Ethernet



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Bloody hell that looks nice. cheaper than the quintro too, i know what i'll be getting!


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Dont suppose anyone has discovered the dimensions of the AV Control 2 unit have they??

It looks like the regulation 430mm hifi seperate width, but not 100% sure


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It's on the joytech site somewhere, Stevie.


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