What's the purpose of going online?



Just got my Wii, and thoroughly enjoying it. I notice on these forums that it can connect to the internet - is wifi built in so that I can just connnect it to my wireless router? And more importantly - why would I, given that you currently can't play online games? Am I missing something?
why would I, given that you currently can't play online games?


They are coming tho....Mario Strikers Charged is the first i think

Mine is connected via my wireless router, so I would have thought yours will as well. Cant comment on any problems you may have as I didnt have any :)

Thanks Stoobie. I just wasn't sure if i needed to buy additional equipment to connect...
And regarding online, as lots of people elsewhere have discussed connecting now, there must be a reason - can someone elaborate for me......
Reasons for going online

Internet Browsing
Wii firmware updates
Everybody Votes Chennel
Downloading new channels
Downloading games for built-in emulation.
News channel
Weather Channel
Mii's traveling to and from your Plasa
Sending messages to other Wiis
Sending Email
Sending Mii's to friends Wii's


EDIT: Oh and yes it's Mario Strikers Charged that's going to be first online, should be released on the 25th May.
My PC died yesterday... :censored: Windows!
Thanks to Wii, I can still read my e-mail, just ordered a CD online and post this message!

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