What's the point of the Xbox 360 Games sub-forum...


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... if questions about games are posted in the main bit? All the GRAW posts for example...?!

Munkey Boy

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Fair point, but at this moment in time there are no open GRAW threads in this section, they're all in the Games section... But, yeah, posting in the games section is encouraged, but not compulsory.

I wonder if people even know it exists sometimes, what with all the duplicates that crop up. Still, better than not having it IMHO.


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TBH i've been tempted to post here 'cos i think more people will see it and reply. However i have noticed more viewing the 'games' section lately....


Can we not have game titles as sticky threads? There's only a handful of major games, even a full list would be better than duplicates everywhere :)



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What about a pop up screen informing of the different sections.... General/Games/Live?

I get a little fed up as people seem to post anywhere in their eagerness:rolleyes:

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