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What's the next step from a ma rsw12


Standard Member
Just wondered what would be the next step from a ma rsw12?
I would probably pick up a used one to save on costs. Was thinking svs but have never heard one so could not say if it would be better.
Overall I'm pretty happy with how it sounds, and in the six years iv owned it, it's only the last month or two iv found the right spot for it that proves it was worth the money over my old rel.
I think it just rolls off to high, I want it to drop without sounding strained.
The bit where the grenade is thrown sounds great, low to medium volumes but as soon as it's cranked up a bit it sound like the driver is struggling.
Think I'm looking for effortless.
My room is 3mx4.5m and I listed to movies and music 60/40 maybe 70/30


Distinguished Member
What would your budget be.


Distinguished Member
New puts you in Mono+ territory or SVS PB or SB2000 which would be an upgrade on the RSW12.

Used might get you a used SVS Ultra.:).


Standard Member
Is a bk mono really an upgrade or a side step! I know there is a big difference in price but it's been mentioned ma subs are overpriced but seriously 300-400 more than a bk has got to equate to a better sub?
Put me right if iv got it wrong.. I was thinking along the lines of an svs. Not sure wether to go ported to get the deep stuff or sealed. Iv never owned a ported sub so not to sure.


Well-known Member
Ive heard the rsw sub and in my opinion the mono is a much better sub so its where my money went despite owning rsx speakers.

I would get a sample of the colour you want from BK first though because the walnut they do is very different from the MA walnut.


Standard Member
Gloss black or white, so colour not a real issue.
So you think the mono is definitely a better sub, shame there's nowhere to demo one


Novice Member
I've also interested in the BK Monolith and would like to know members experiences with using one. My current front sound stage consists of MA RS8s and a MA RXLCR. My sub at the moment is a wharfedale SW150.

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