What's the most stupid thing your other half has done ?


Mine , she decided to go and fetch the 6' Christmas tree (real one) in the new A5 convertible i bought for her in October :facepalm: :mad:


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Convertible? Sounds like the perfect choice.

She'd have been mad to try and get it in a coupe. ;)


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Clocked up loads of debt and ignored it until the **** hit the fan.


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Last winter the MIL rang about midnight in a state that her central heating wasn"t working and she couldn't cope , the missus drove 5 miles to pick her up and brought here to sleep here for the night then took her home in the morning to await the repair man.
Still cant fathom out why as we dont have central heating on a night time .



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Used my car while I was away on business trip. Kindly refuelled it for me - sadly with ULP in a diesel - and drove it home.
2 weeks later I still don't have it and am just counting my blessings the $10K bill covered on insurance.

Aww bless, gotta luv em.

Miss Psyclodia

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He couldn't find a tin opener so he decides to use a swiss army knife only to go and slip and cut his hand open which ended up with him in A&E............Good head!!

On the way to France My car over heats and he decides to open the cap to the radiator while it was steaming hot doh!

Ed Selley

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Agreeing to marry me.

Yep, this is the craziest thing my wife has ever done too.

She won't thank me for saying this but there was a moment of high comedy a week or so ago when somewhat harassed and approaching a postbox holding both a letter and her purse, she calmly placed the letter in her handbag and posted the purse. Thankfully, part of the reason she was harassed was her trying to make last post so it was only the matter of a four minute wait to correct this when Postman Pat arrived.

I've done far dumber things.


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Did the Queen not all those mini-portraits of herself once they were in the box ? :)


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My arguing partner once sat at a PC with Google open and wanted to find something online, she couldn't remember the name of the site she used to search so typed "www.google.com" into Google's searchbox to find... Google. Genius.


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Left the lights on in the car.

Doesn't sound so bad? Well she did it again a week later. Then twice the week after that. Then again a few days later. All in all I think she left the lights on while she was in work (cue jumpleads or jump starts for me) about a dozen times in the space of a few months.

Eventually the battery couldn't take any more and just died. Had to replace it as it wouldn't respond to jump starts or leads at all!


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nothing really that stupid, its when she use the incorrect words in sentances, ie last week - do you want want to watch that box set i bought you the Specific? (Pacific), or during a argument, ok give me a example, i cant be that pacific..

She uses those exact ones around 4-5 times a week.
Went down to her Dads at the weekend he did the same thing i laughed but shook me head at the same time.


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I made a chicken roast the other day and my wife came out with the line "have you had all four legs?" and her excuse was "well it looked that way with the amount of bones on your plate"! :facepalm:


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Watching District 9, as it was filmed in the style of a documentary, she asked, perfectly seriously "is this true then?:laugh:


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Watching one of the first episodes of Walking Dead (Season 2).

The heroes go into the church and there are these three people sitting in the pews dressed in wedding gear. As the heroes enter the wedding party turn, it is then obvious that they are zombies, and they attack the heroes.

My wife is jumping with fear at this point. Once the fighting is over, the camera pans over the church and my wife shouts at the TV heroes

"Watch out, there is another one on the that cross"

to which my daughter calmly replies

"No mum, that's Jesus"

We don't let her forget that one.



IL Cattivo

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Given out her bank details to some twit at the door.:mad:

Mine nearly did something similar...

We were in a Crew Clothing store on Saturday and they have iPad's on their front desks where the staff help you to order items through their website when they don't have the item/s or size you want in stock within the store.

So it comes to the point where my wife is asked by the sales assistant for her credit/debit card details as payment. So what does she say... "Oh yeah, Ok I'll read it out to you..." Right in the middle of a bleed'in busy store. :suicide: Luckily I was there to intervene rather rapidly before she spoke the first number and I typed the details in myself instead.

Also, the other day I mentioned that I would contribute a third towards something.... She replied, "is that more or less than a Quarter?" :facepalm: Sometimes I do wonder if she actually went to school at all, bless her...!! :laugh:

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