What's the longest you have hoarded something for no good reason?

Mr Incredible

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Just doing a bit of a spring clean and cupboard clear out (again), and I can't believe some of the items I have had squirrelled away and for no good reason other than I just haven't had the heart to let anything go.

Amongst many items of many ages, the one which brought a smile to my face was an item that I had bought at uni when I first started my engineering degree some 21 years ago:......

A Slide Rule!!

In fact I had two identical ones, so I put one in the bin. Just cannot bring myself to let it go even though the most use it'll get will probably be when I'll whip it out to amuse the grand-kids (as and when that happens!!).

What's the least useful thing you have held onto, how long for and why?

Mr Incredible

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Perhaps I should have learnt how to use the slide rule to do simple maths...... it's nearly 32 years ago since I started Uni!! OMG!


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I suppose its my year 3 personal folder that we all made; 11 years now

Your slide rule is older than me :p :D


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I spent 2 grand on a couple of keyboards and a mixer 10 years ago, used them for a couple of years, and now theyre just collecting dust. I keep saying to mesel that I'll start playing again, but never do!! :thumbsdow I'm the worst hoarder ever!! I broke my big toe a few years back and was on crutches for 3 months. I threw one crutch away and still have the other under the stairs.:rolleyes: I need looking at!!


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I have a load of motoring magazines and car brochures from around 1983 to 1987, they are in loft at my mums. keep meaning to put them in my own loft but the missus dosn't want the clutter :eek:.

I have also got an oak dinning table in the garage that needs to be varnished - it has been in there 7 years !!


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I was doing a cupboard clearout today so this thread is timely!

Erm, I boxed up 115 copies of FHM dating back to 1997, dunno what to do with them, Ebay seems hot and cold for mags, they seem too good to bin, they will go in the loft and maybe when I get my own place I'll display them like the Encyclopedia Brittanica!



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I have Arena Magazine from issue 1!!! Back when Arena was cutting edge, not like now - picked one up the other day not much difference to Loaded, FHM etc!!!

My loft is full of Mags Performance car, load of FHM's
My beams must take some load!!

Also have 2 dustbin liners full of Macdonalds happy meal toys!! (all still sealed in the bags), not worth much -may do a car booty in the future!!


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I have horded magazines.
I had Empire from edition 1 through to 200 and when I was persuaded to sell, I let them all go for a fiver :(

Duncan G

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I have a promotional pack of unopened tea bags from the 1990's in the cupboard. The tea company had the idea of using triangle shaped teabags-I think its PG Tips- and a free packet was given away with each copy of teh News of the World. cup of tea anyone?

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