What's the healthiest diet / eating plan to follow?


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This is prompted by the latest health presentation I've got through at work that is basically advocating a high fat low carb diet called the banting way. It's basically a 19 slide powerpoint that says we've been given the wrong advice for years and it's not fat that makes us fat but too many and the wrong type of carbs. It basically advises to completely remove sugar from your diet and eat eggs, fish, meat (not processed), nuts, some fruits etc. Basically a high fat, medium protein, low carb diet avoiding things like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, porridge, all confectionery containing sugar and carbs, all oils other than olive, coconut and macadamia oil. What's people's thoughts on this, good advice? I tend to avoid anything with a red symbol in the fat and saturated fat labels on packaging but not look so much at the sugar one, maybe I'm looking at it all wrong? Thoughts?
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Sugar is evil, there is more and more evidence that is the truth, but I think for the majority of people it's under control in their food. The places it's not are in the sheer amount of calories that can be consumed from snacking and the worst of all is fizzy drinks.

Personally I think any diet that tells you to completely eradicate any major food group from your diet is way off the mark, but you be foolish not to reduce the processed sugar from your diet if you're struggling with weight loss.


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Amazed porridge is on there, talk to any nutritionist & they'll tell you it's the greatest of foods. It's the only sugar free cereal & it's the only one that keeps you full.

I didn't touch porridge until 4 years ago, it's all I eat for breakfast now.

I'll agree on the other carbs you have listed, to a certain extent. Bread is generally evil, but brown rice, sweet potatoes & a small amount of wholewheat pasta are perfectly good carbs to be having.

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