Whats the going rate for these players?


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Aug 25, 2002
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Hi All,

Iv'e just about decided to give up on my quest to achieve the ultimate picture quality from my DVD players, and settle for the simple convenience and usability offered by my quality mid-range Multichangers instead......why?

It's my belief that in 3/4 years time nobody will consider having any of the currently available "High End" DVD players fronting their Home Cinemas, irrespective of the type of outputs they sport, be it component / SDI / DVI...whatever. In much the same way that you now wouldn't even consider having a Laserdisc player at the helm, by then, HD-DVD will be the way to go, ( hopefully blue laser based - which will ensure absolute top quality.)

Why am I so sure?....DVHS- D-Theatre!

(For info see : www.dvhsmovie.com / www.dvhsmovieguide.com
or see the recent articles in Widescreen Review )

I'm not suggesting that D-Theatre itself will take over, I mean, it's TAPE when all is said and done! but having a viable, real world, High Definition pre-recorded medium available in the marketplace here and now, will be a real wake up call to the DVD consortium who I believe will not now hang about in agreeing the specifications for HD-DVD.

Thinking logically, I don't think that they will want to stiffle the cash cow that DVD has become and thus will probably position HD-DVD as the high end "ultimate" version of DVD in much the same way that Columbia Tristar / Sony have already attempted with their Superbit range. This will probably mean relatively feature free, but top quality, feature only releases on HD-DVD
(much like the current D-Theatre titles) for the Afficianadoes (us), with alternate/complimentary & feature packed DVD releases for the masses. This will suit me fine as my present DVD's shall remain "the way to go" for features, it will also mean that my DVP-CX860 Multichangers will be the perfect medium for utilising my DVD collection, while my brand spanking new HD-DVD player shall take pride of place for High End duties. It will also no doubt sport Digital Output connections! (Which "hopefully" will have been agreed by then!).

What this means now is that I may soon sell my present "best" DVD players : Sony DVP-S7000 & Pioneer DVS9.

FYI: The Sony is the Gold, mutiregion (NTSC only/auto-switching) model, and the Pioneer is the Gold, multiregion (NTSC only/selectable region) model that is the Far Eastern version of the DV09 Elite model, but housed in the AX10 chasis complete with a gorgeous "damped action" drop down door.

If anyone has an oppinion on my views &/or has any idea what the present going rate is for these two machines please post as I'd like to hear from you!

Best Regards,
Has nobody got any idea what these two players go for?

( Maybe nobody has reached the end of my previous...yawn, post !)
Thanks Jenz!

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