Whats the fastest recording media the Panasonic DMR-E100H can handle?

Harry Palmer

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post so please excuse my lack of knowledge.

I wondered what is the fastest media I can use with the Panasonic DMR-E100H. I assume DVD-R (4x are fine to use).

I wasn't sure what was mean't by high speed dubbing which I believe can be done at much higher speeds using this machine.

Thanks for your help.

Harry P


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You can't compare the speed of the disk quickly to speed of dubbing.
At single dubbing speed a 1 hour program takes 1 hour, 2 hour 2 etc.
at 4 x dubbing an hour takes 15 mins etc. I am not sure that you can actually dub faster than single speed? Even at 4 times dub speed, if possible, you would only need a 4x media if working at xp quality, 2x at sp, 1x at lp etc.

However in computer data terms a dvd can be filled in 1 hour at single speed, and 15 minutes at 4 times. If the program is at ep quality, ie 6 hours of video a 4x drive can record at 4x6 = 24 times play speed, hence the claims that you can record at 24 times in some machines. This can only be done where the source on the hard drive is the same as you will record to the media. To do this you would have to record and edit on the hard drive at ep quality, and then transfer, which will give terrible quality, as you are breaking the rule of recording at best quality and then archiving to fill the media.

4x media will meet all your needs.

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