Whats the cheapest SKY+ Package with record



I already have SKY+ installed but what is currently the least you can pay to Sky but still be able to record/pause TV


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The cheapest package that Sky will let you have is 2 mixes for £15 + £10 for the Sky+ facility = £25.

If you keep pushing them, possibly after speaking to a supervisor, you can get a Freesat package for free + £10 for Sky+ facility = £10.

I've recently downgraded to the £25 package. They refused to let me have the £10 Freesat Sky+. I'll try again soon.


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£25 is the cheapest option, unfortunately we want 3 of the 6 mixes and as they only go in two's have had to have 4 at £28.

Be aware that if you intend to set the sky+ box from a mobile phone that you won't get the nice sky+ menu on your mobile phone (like they've been advertising) as you have to have either movie or sport mix, you only have text message option (another con to get more money from you I think).


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If it is any help - after quite a battle and many phone calls (using the 0800 number in this thread http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=368635&highlight=0800) I was eventually able to purchase just the £10 record/pause with no other package. I got many different answers from various people at Sky but just kept phoning again until I got someone who said they could definitely do it, (a lady called Elizabeth actually).

The process was that I had to sign up for the £15 contract which was immediately cancelled leaving the £10 per month record/pause deal.


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Nice to hear that you succeeded eventually - I'll persist next time I phone them.

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