Whats the Best way to complain - Can I get money back?


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Just come off the phone to Sky fuming! I have pasted the letter I will be sending to Customer Services Director which explains problem. Does anyone have any advice on this - is this the best course of action? Has anyone had this problem?

I am writing as a Sky Customer for some 5 years, and as a HD subscriber since last August, fuming at the response from your call centre.

I noticed in March I had been charged £97 instead of £63.50 in Feb and March (I have the full Sky package, multi room and HD). I rang to find out why and was told it was due to not having a phone connection and that I had been written to about this. After attempts to fix on the phone, an engineer called on 27th March to fix this. I understand the cable that came with the Sky Box was faulty.

I noticed that on April 19th I was charged £97 again. After a phone call I was told this would be credited but the 2 previous ones would not be as you had written to me about this.

I was disgusted by the way I was treated. As soon as I was aware of the problem I contacted you. I did NOT receive any letters otherwise I would have been in contact sooner. As I explained on the phone, there was no reason for me NOT to reply.

I spoke with Kelly Walls who was most unhelpful and told me I would not be getting this money back.

I am so annoyed at being treated in this way I have decided that I will cancel my Sky Subscription if I do not get this refund. I will give you until May 4th 2007 to respond to this, preferably by phone on or email, – If I do not hear from you by this date, or you continue to refuse the refund I will cancel my subscription, cancel direct debits and refuse to pay any money owed. I will fight any action for my 'breach of contract' in the courts and will also take this to Ofcom as well as posting on various consumer sites such as avforums.

The fact that there was no acceptance on Sky's part to accept any responsibililty for this (for providing a faulty cable) and the attitude has left a very nasty taste, especially due to the amount of time I have spent arguing my case. In fact, I am very tempted to insist on a months free subscription to compensate for my wasted time.
I think you have been very unlucky in getting an uncooperative member of staff.

I had a couple of CLI violation letters, as one of my 3 boxes was not calling back to Sky.

I had BT out to check the line, who decided that the modem had blown due to a lightening strike and then tried to charge me £150 which I disputed, as they had misdiagnosed and not fixed the problem. BT cancelled the charge.

I phoned Sky and after various attempts to get the box going via telephone advice, their rep spoke to a supervisor. The upshot was, I got a free home visit from an engineer. He replaced the box free of charge, even though it was well out of guarantee.

I am on a similar package to you, HD, Sky + including 2 multiroom = £73 per month.

The first rep I spoke to made a note on their system that if I was charged a violation fee, it should be refunded. The following month, the extra charge of £33 was added and I phoned them and reminded them. The amount was deducted from my bill the following month.

Let us know how you get on, they won't want to lose you if you are on a high priced package.

Good luck

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