Whats The Best Sss For A Ps3 And A Plasme?

Im selling my dvd sss and buying a ps3 and a new plasma so i want to use my ps3 as a dvd player so am i right in thinking then i just need a set of 5.1 speakers to do this ?


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You will need an amp as well, unless you get a set that has a built in decoder somewhere. I think Logitech do one like that



The Denon 1356XP should be good enough, Digital in for PS3, enough for TV, DVD etc. aswell!
i dont really want another box maybe somert built in the sub if they do such a thing 150 to 200 quid deffo no more than that

Schumi 01

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For around £200 you can have A Logitech Z5500, you can buy them from Amazon see HERE I have just recieved one myself and all i can say is wow, if you do decide to go and buy oe of these, be sure you have enough room for the Sub as it is very big, one downside to it is, it only has one optical input, but to get round this i bought a Optical splitter for a couple of quid. There are Reviews HERE if you would like to see them, just scroll down the page. I myself is very happy with this system, well worth the money. :thumbsup:

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