What's the best setup DVD?


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Hi guys, was wondering what in your opinions was the best setup dvd to use to get the best out of your crt. I have been setting my sony 1040 just through it's own internal test patterns but i read it's better to setup your pj with a pic from the source you will be using. e.g. a test grid from your computer if using an HTPC. So bearing in mind my pj only gets used through my toshiba DVD player what test disc would most suit me. I have heard good things about AVIA.

Cheers Nick

Mad Mr H

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Nic Rhodes said:
Digital Video Essentials is also decent

I second that BUT is does not have the "cross hatch" set up which is its only let down.

The Avia disc is good but I HATE the navigation on it

video essentials plus a "cross hatch" disc would do you.

or Avia

Chris Frost

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AVIA is my preferred choice. I find it easier to navigate than DVE and I like the fact that it's got grid test patterns at three different IRE levels. There's also some very good on screen help and background info about each video test pattern. It is an American disc designed for setting up NTSC displays, so if you play mostly NTSC films then this would be my first choice.

Digital Video Essentials is perhaps technically more accurate and it is available in either a PAL or an NTSC version. You can just choose the version that suits the majority of stuff you play. I find DVE more frustrating to navigate and there's not as much background info.

I have all the versions including the original Video Essential DVD. Avia is what I use most. I tweak PAL with that version of DVE.


Nic Rhodes

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I use both AVIA and DVE, hence my comment 'also' both have strengths and weaknesses

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