What's the best Plasma for £1k - £1.3k ? ? ?


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Looking to get out next week and pick up my first Plamsa!

I have a budget of £1k - £1.3k.

I am looking at buying the Cambridge Audio Azur 540R AV Reciever

http://www.cambridgeaudio.com/summary.php?PID=1&Title=Azur 540R – 6.1 AV Receiver

Any ideas what the best plasma for this kind of price would be?

I have seen a few in Richer Sounds but not sure if they are up to much!

I will be running :

Mac Mini
Sky Plus

Thanks for your help!


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Your budget seems to preclude an HD ready setup but there are some good screens around that might suite your needs.

As you are after an AV Receiver and you have Sky, would you be happy going the panel only route? If so then in my opinion you can't go wrong with a Panasonic PWD8. Might not be HD Ready but is HD Compatible so will be able to display Sky's HD offering if/when it finally arrives, it will scale the HD down to the panel's resolution.

Anyway, if you look around you might find that AV-Sales are doing a fairly good deal on these which might be in your budget.


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either that or the pwd7 from richer sounds (thats what i went for).

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