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whats the best mobile for internet browsing?


my contract is up for renewal in a couple of weeks. i don't have a phone at home, and i don't make or take many calls on my mobile, and make few txt's also. what i would really like though is to be able to access the internet on my phone, to be able to checkout forums, google up answers, and use webmail. the intention is to be able to use the phone outwith wifi hotspots as i can't get wifi at work for example, and i don't have it at home. i'd like to be able to get online on the bus or in a car for example

i had a quick look at the nokia n95 at lunchtime, but as it didn't have a proper keyboard input device it would drive the txt hater that i am nuts when trying to type anything. i was then shown the iphone which i must say was quite impressive, altho the drawback was it was using wifi in the store, and i understand it doesn't have g3 and thus is slow normally. the other issue was it was £269 plus £35 a month. i can get deals on other phones from o2 retentions, but i don't think i can get anything at all if i got an iphone. i also see there are rumours of a new iphone2 which may have 2g, and it may push the price of the old one down, so i wouldn't like to get caught out buying at the wrong time

the other option was the lg viewty but i couldn't get a demo of it. i understand the problem with that is it's not got wifi, but if its decent on 3g, and easy to use, then it could be an option, as i doubt i'd use the wifi often (at least in the next few months)

is there anything else, or how do people get on using the internet on phones? i also say there were pda's and blackberrys, but they seemed to be more email focus than internet

does anyone even use the internet a lot on phones, or is it just me who wants to do this? i want to be able to get access online anytime when i want, where i want



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if its browsing you are after then its the iphone no doubt about it, would hang on for the Mac Expo on the 14-18th Jan though just in case ;)


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iphone is a great pice of kit.
i had the n95 and found it useless for web browesing. where as the iphone is exelent in this regard. the speed may be slower away from wifi but its a very useable product for viewing internet pages. For me its not all about download speed for these mobile devices, useability is key(try tiping a web address on an n95 for example)


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I too can recommend the iphone:clap:


viewty is a superb combination of nice 3 inch screen and high speed.

it also works great as a modem if u have a laptop as well

after using HSDPA for some time no way i could go back to

Deleted member 27989

I would recommend the iPhone, but probably go down the unlocked route as you are not interested in making calls/texts as such. I really would not get hung up on the non 3G aspects as in real life it does not matter much for what you want to use it for. And if you are in an Edge area you wouldn't notice a difference either due to the useability aspects....

For example I was at the in-laws the other day and did the full price comparison and research for a new LCD and DVD HDD recorder on my iPhone. No wifi and it was definitely quick enough, and as it shows the web pages as they were intended it would be a no brainer...But I do appreciate it may seem expensive if you don't do anything else...


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HTC Kaiser (called XDA stellar on 02)

Wifi/3G/email/Keyboard/Windows like interface (WM6) etc.....................

Not as good an interface as the iphone but much quicker (I use an ipod touch to browse the net using the Kaiser as an access point but also have an unlocked iphone in the house).

I have to say though, that for browsing the web I'd rather use the touch/iphone than use the Kaiser directly. It is a nice bit of kit and worth hacking just to add instant messaging etc.

I use an N95 for calls and although it has features like Calendar/GPS/and Web browsing the interface is frankly poor. Other phones in theory have all the features of the iphone and more but in the real world these features are unusable


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I basically bought my iphone for internet,with the view that i would probably return it to the o2 shop within the 14 days.That was nearly two month ago.
When i 1st got it i was just on GPRS and it was much better than all previous phones,recently my area was upgraded to Edge and its pretty speedy,i woudn,t be without it now,also if you use internet a lot the official o2 tariffs are good value,obviosly other people have different opinions,but to me its brilliant.If you buy one from 02 you get 14 days to cancel your contract and return the phone so nothing to lose:thumbsup:

UglyChild uk

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Another vote for iPhone.

I literally bought the iPhone for email and internet (don't use it for the iPod features at all) and am over the moon with it in general.

Despite very few & minor niggles this is probably my favourite phone of all time.


it sounds like the iphone is the best option. i'm tempted to wait until the next version is released. my contract is ready for renewal on 21st jan but i don't need to renew it straight away. i wonder how long the new version will take to hit the streets if announced in january, bearing in mind the current version is only about 3 months old in the uk. i see last year it was announced in jan and launched in june in the states, but i thought that normal mac gear is released pretty quickly after announcement

i'm not sure about getting an unlocked phone, as to where to get it and if it gets locked or bricked by upgrades, and if i'd still be able to use the internet features.

i'm also not sure if my area (central edinburgh) has edge. i tried to google it up but couldn't find anything. how do edge speeds compare to g3?

if there is a new g3 iphone and the price drops a bit then i might go for it. it's still a bit pricey paying about £900 over 18 months for phone and connection fees to be able to use the internet outside of the home


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If Apple do announce an upgraded iphone you can expect it to be shipped in Feb given past Apple releases, its worth waiting to see what happens.

But bear in mind that unlocking a new iphone is likely to be a tall order given the latest firmware.


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Having the ipod touch and the n95-2, i can't decide between them when it comes to web browsing.

Sure the touch screen is good for zooming, but its not very accurate and or entering addresses is overly complex (press button, touch chooses another letter, delete, repeat) and this also applies to clicking web buttons (have you zoom right in to click the buttons on this forum only to go to a different page) and sometimes scrolling.

On the flip side the touch's extra screen size helps a lot and work the touch screen works (accuracy again) its a dream to use.


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I saw speculation that the 3G iphone was due for release in May. It is unclesr whether existing users can just update the phone. The business model seems to seperate the purchase of the phone and contract so it is possible that a new phone could be used on the old contract. This follows from the fact that if you "lose" the phone you just have to buy a new one rather than take out a new contract. Unlike other phones an unconnected iphone makes a perfectly usable (and saleable) ipod touch and has arguably better functionality. I would be very appy o use an iphone as my ipod with a PAYG SIM in for that emergency call. The current stock of iphones have firmware that is hackable and it is just possible that future phones will not be so it follows that current phones may actually increase in value with the release in the replacement phone. As it is US phones with the original completely unlockable firmware sell at a premium. A 3G iphone on unlimited data for £35pm would be fairly good value. Staggering the release of the 3G phone would make little sense since 3G is more relevant to europe that the US. The only downside to the 3G iphone would be battery life.

EDGE vs 3G

Interesting question the theoretical answer is around 200kbps vs 384kbps if 4 channels are being used with EDGE. This ignores the fact that o2's competitors have implemented HSDPA which can take 3G up to1.2-1.8-7.2Mbps. In the real world I usually get 1.2 Mbps out of my tmobile SIM. US sites have quoted as low as 90kbps out of EDGE. There is a speed test for iphones which regularly posts speeds od 400kbps from iphones on EDGE which seems impossible so I suspect there is a significant amount of misinformation out there (including possibly this post)


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I'd say the Viewty over the iPhone. If you're out and about surfing you're gonna need 3G, which the iPhone doesnt have.

In terms of purely browsers however the iPhone would just about take the lead over the Viewty although with the Viewty you can install other browsers such as Opera Mini.

In terms of cost, definitely go with the Viewty. You can get for free on minimal cost contracts whereas the iPhone not only costs loads but then the contracts are high too.


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Just re-read your post, you want wifi too... I'd go with one of the HTC mobiles then. Wifi, 3G, slide out keyboard, Touch-screen, WinMobile. o2, T-Mobile all have them, branded with their own names.


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Just re-read your post, you want wifi too... I'd go with one of the HTC mobiles then. Wifi, 3G, slide out keyboard, Touch-screen, WinMobile. o2, T-Mobile all have them, branded with their own names.

I had an Orange SPV M3100 which is one of the HTC phones you are talking about. Not a patch on the iPhone. 3G is a complete red herring, I would rather browse an iPhone on GPRS let alone Edge, than any other phone on 3G. I do real things with my iPhone on the web (such as internet shopping) which I never did before with internet-capable phones, and the usability of it on Edge is evidenced by the fact that quite often even when I'm at a free WiFi hotspot I just don't bother to use the Wifi because firstly I can't be bothered to log in, and secondly in my experience WiFi is far more erratic than a phone based connection i.e. if the signal strength is low then the performance is chronic.
i'm not sure what problems people have been having using internet on Nokia N95, I've had mine a few months now and regularly use the internet (thru WIFI and Edge)

entering a web address is just like writing any text on a phone, also utilises the predictive T9 dictionary which is a godsend for entering frequently used email AND web addresses.

can't see anything wrong with it to be honest. Its nice and quick, easy to set up wifi on it, and flips screen to between horiz and vert as you need it to.

Note that you can get a large range of browsers for the Symbian OS, so like someone said you can use Opera Mini on an LG Viewty, this is also possible on the N95, plus a few more to choose from too


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I'm a big fan of Symbian phones but have to say that if Internet browsing was main use it would have to be either the iPhone or a HTC/PocketPc phone with a slide out keyboard.

Haven't tried the Samsung F700 but that may be worth a look as well.


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I don't want to start an iphone against the world arguement as we know there are fan boys either side of the fence.

What i would say is try the touch screen on the iphone and see if you could use it.

I don't have particually chubby fingers but can't reliably enter text/click options on my touch. As a phone the primary use will be making phone calls and texting, with web browsing coming a distant 3rd (on the day to day useage figures). If i struggle to enter text sober i would hate to write a text after a few beers or in a hurry.

The problem is i love both devices, and will be sticking with the 2 i guess.


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Ive browsed the web on both iPhone and N95 and to be honest, if you use predictive text regularly and get used to how it works it is much faster to input text than the iphone's touchscreen. A bigger screen would be nice on the N95 though. Having said that, having tried many different browsers on the N95, Opera Mini wins hands down.
one i forgot, N95 enables the use of a wireless qwerty keyboard, so if you're browsing a hell of a lot, that might be one to look into.


wifi isn't a must, as i'd probably use the phone mostly outside of wifi areas. it would be handy perhaps, making it more "future proof" as eventually wifi might cover the areas where i would use it, but then again that may be more than the 18 months i'd have a phone, so whilst i don't think the lg viewty didn't have wifi, if it works well with 3g then fair enough. i think i saw a new lg phone like the viewty but had a slide out keyboard and that was interesting

what i didn't like about the n95 was that you had to txt-type on a normal phone type keypad, which would really slow down my intended usage, whilst the iphone had the touch type qwerty keypad which made it much easier. the other thing i noticed with the n95 is the webpages were reconfigured or laid out differently and weren't have as good to look at or navigate than the iphone, which looked like a mini version of a full pc, except you had to zoom in on areas to read the small print, but it was easy to do with the touch screen. i presume the viewty has a similar touch screen keyboard, but does it display webpages more like the iphone or the n95? looking at cnet it gives the impression it's more of a cameraphone than anything else. i also know the prada phone suffered from being scratched easily, i don't know if the viewty still has that problem

another thing i'm unsure about is what hsdpa is or if it's in my area. i tried to look up on the o2 website but it didn't look like it's in edinburgh. i'm confused with all the different types of data access. i presume as long as i have a data bolt on with my contract it doesn't matter which technical way i access

i saw the o2 pda with the slide out keyboard and that looked interesting, but i didn't get a demo. the thing is i don't need all the other functions, and i wasn't sure if it was going to be pricey as i think it's only available on business contracts. aside from that, the way the internet is displayed on the screen is the other most important issue other than keyboard/pad and connection speed when not using wifi - oh, and of course price. it would cost £900 for 18 months of iphone usage, £50 a month. i could get a pretty good laptop for that money (but i'd need pretty big pockets too!). if i stayed with o2 i could probably get a good retention contract deal and bolt on unlimited data access, but it's a case of getting the right phone/pda/whatever to use


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Hopefully this isn't a "hijack" post - but I'd be also interested to hear if people use the N95 or iPhone for internet access on the move.

I travel from Edinburgh to Glasgow every day, and I'd be happy to pay the sums involved if I could get a decent connection all the way (well, apart from tunnels I guess!). Which I guess raises another question - do both devices seemlessly disconnect/connect when the signal/connection is interrupted?



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Not sure what you mean about the n95 adjusting webpages, since mine shows them exactly as seen on my pc, if quiet a bit smaller. You may have a setting set up differently than me i guess.

I use my n95 on the train between colchester and london liverpool street every day and the change between 3.5,3 and 2.5g is normally pretty quick but there can be a slight delay.

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