Whats the best DVD to MP4 converter with 5.1


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Whats the best DVD to MP4 converter with 5.1 sound for the PS3?
It needs to be simple to use.
I have PS3 video 9 but there is no option for AC3 5.1 Audio :(
I tried MeGUI but its far to complicated.



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DVDFab or Handbrake probably. 'Super' is quite good as well.

Just be aware that MP4 isn't the best format for PS3 playback though. Many many people have reported issues with stuttering playback of MP4 on the PS3.


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Thanks Uridium
Would I be best going to MKV first and then use mkv2vob?
If so is there an easy way to convert to mkv?


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Space is an issue. I would like to get each film below 2GB
I am currently doing a test with handbrake converting to MKV, just not sure what the best settings are.


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Hey, i said that! :)

That's the one, Handbrake, someone wrote up a little guide with settings etc....somewhere!


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I tend to use DVD Fab HD Decrypter or DVD Shrink 3.2 to rip to VOB and then Auto Gordian Knot (Auto GK) to create a 2Gb (or smaller) XVid (or DivX) avi file. Retains 5.1 sound and very good PQ. Not had any lip sync issies either.

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Sorry to hijack this thread but can someone confirm that the PS3 will play MP4 files?

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