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Whats the best driver for ati cards for mainly high def material


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I have a x800 graphics card and use theatretek at the moment i get tearing when running vr9 with fullscreen mode in otherwords when i try to use the best theatretek settings i get issues. I friend of mine has a nvidia card with less memory yet his is fine,basic specs of pc are P4 3.2 gig [hyperthreading] above G/card a mystique sound card and 1000mb of memory.
I have also noticed when i use full screen mode my cards fan screems like hell.
Any help much appreciated..oh other software used
Ac3 filter & powerstrip.
Thanks all


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Tearing can be caused by using an unsuitable refresh rate rather than an inherent problem with the card or drivers.

For PAL material, you need to try and use 50, 75 or 100Hz.

For NTSC video material, you need to try and use 60, 90 or 120Hz.

If you have NTSC film material which you are properly deinterlacing to 24fps, you need to try and output 48 or 72Hz.

Finally, some display devices change the refresh rate of the source material by default which also introduces tearing. An example would be Pioneer plasmas - although this can be resolved by disabling FRC (frame rate conversion).



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Thanks steve,if re-fresh was the problem would it not show errors in all modes? For example in theatretek best quality for ATI cards is using fullscreen which takes a lot of the work away from processor. I have refresh at 60htz and its fine in all modes except fullscreen although i take a hit on quality.Not shocking but could be better.
When i set it to full screen on panning shots i get a line appearing across screen as it pans, its as if image is in two parts and trying to catch up, the other problem is pulsing contrast, its as if every now and then you turn contrast to 100% then back down to normal.This spoils film enjojment too much, i put up with a poorer image instead.
I have to add my hard drive is pretty old would a new one help.

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