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Whats the best config for Sonos setup in living room


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I'm in the process of wiring my living room and think I've covered myself with most of the wiring, What I'm not so sure about is the best way to setup a Sonos system.

Am I best to wire some new separate ceiling speakers directly back to Node Zero and have a ZP120 sat there..


Have say a ZP90 sat next to my old Sony 5.1 amp running through the existing speakers.
I take it volume / turning on the amp would need to be controlled via the separate remote and not the Ipod?

Tips appreciated.


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It really depends what you consider "best". Do you want the best sound quality with existing equipment, or the best sound quality with a budget, or do you want the best setup for ease of use, minimal equipment?

My current setup in my living room is based on the former choice, and then to upgrade parts as I can afford it.

In terms of best sound quality using sonos, your best setup is probably to use a ZP90 with a stereo amp, a DAC and 2 L & R speakers. Sometimes this conflicts with a home cinema setup if you want to use your L & R speakers as part of a 5.1 setup. If that is the case you can either swap the stereo amp for your AV Receiver, or if you don't want to compromise the sound, intergrate the amp with your AVR (your AVR needs stereo pre outs) or use an amp/speaker switch.

In my kitchen and bedroom I'm not so fussed about sound quality and I don't want to have amps in those rooms so I use a ZP120 and 2 speakers. Since I set those up, the S5 came out with the speakers intergrated. They sound great so I bought one for the garden, guest room. I probably would have used those for the kitchen and bedroom had they been available as they are the simplest choice.

Volume control, you can do it on the ZP90 or the AVR/Amp. But you have the choice to switch off the ZP90 line out volume if you prefer to just let the amp do it. Its a choice over convenience and sound quality. You only really need to think about it if you're using multi zones, so want to control all volumes from one place, and/or you are using a DAC and don't want the ZP90 responsible for anything but streaming.


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Thanks Therixonator,

Looking at it, I'll need ease of use especially with multi zone control. If it's complicated the wife will not want to use it. I'll have to keep her happy to get permission the get the other ZP units for the rest of the house. :smashin:


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No probs. Ease of use wise, one bonus of using the ZP120s and S5s over the ZP90s is that you don't have to switch anything on for it to work. You just pick up the controller, phone or ipad and select what you want to play and it plays. With the ZP90 you have to switch the amp on, which sounds trivial but if you have to get up after you've just sat down, it's annoying. Well it is for me!

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